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Frontier Brain: Salon Maiden Anabel
7 battles per round
Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
Gold Badge: 10 rounds

The original Battle Tower from Ruby and Sapphire returns but obviously this time with pretty much any Pokemon appearing as appose to Ruby and Sapphire ones only. The rules for this attraction are the most basic as you just play out normal 3 on 3 matches with no handicaps. Keep in mind that just like the other attractions the further in you go the higher levelled the Pokemon are, and further up you will come into contact with non-uber legends as well as powerful fully evolved Pokemon.

General Tips for Tower

-Make sure to balance out your team as you will be stuck with them for the next 7 battles. Also make sure the first Pokemon on your list will be able to deal with most things to save early switching in the game.

-Don't expect standard sets with standard items in here otherwise you could find yourself taking a bad fall. Keep in mind Pokemon use Items such as Focus Band and Quick Claw and these can really activate at the worst times so remain cautious.

-Be especially wary of the moves Counter and Mirror Coat as they often appear on Pokemon often unexpectedly. Keep in mind that these moves can often turn your strongest Pokemon into a fainted Pokemon in just one turn so don't take risks unless you have to.

Good Pokemon to Use

-Anything goes as long as it can battle well

Silver Symbol Battle

Salon Maiden Anabel

Alakazam: Bright Powder
Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Thunder Punch

Entei: Lum Berry
Calm Mind
Fire Blast

Snorlax: Quick Claw
Belly Drum
Body Slam
Shadow Ball

This is in my opinion the easiest of the Frontier Brain battles as Anabel's Pokemon are not really being used to their potential. Although Alakazam has good coverage, it will be helpless against a Pokemon with great special defence and will also go down very quickly to a physical attack. Entei is the weakest of the three legendary dogs so don't be intimidated by the fact it is a legendary Pokemon. Entei's defences aren't that great so just attack with one of his weakness, also keep in mind that against a rock type Entei will not be able to do much damage at all. Snorlax could be a problem if you let it Belly Drum and with Quick Claw it could take out your whole team. Special attacks are not a good idea but a physical assault will yield very good results and he won't last long. I swept this match with a Tyranitar as Anabel's team does not cover types well, just watch out for her Snorlax which could take you by surprise.

Battle Tower Apprentices

The Battle Tower has another interesting new edition to it. On the far left of the Tower's inside you will see a random trainer. This trainer will be your apprentice if you allow it and will ask you a question everyday on how to change their team. They will ask you:

-What Pokemon to use (out of a choice of two)
-What Moves to use (out of a choice of two)
-What items to use (Show them one of your own items)
-For a winning taunt

After you have answered all of these questions they will leave the Tower and the next day you will find a new apprentice beginning the process again. After you have helped out each apprentice you will encounter them in the Battle Tower. This may be as an opponent or as a Team Mate in the Battle Salon, so keeping in mind what advice you gave them will come in useful on both counts.


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