FireRed/LeafGreen - Help Features

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen provides new trainers with a substantial amount of help. There are two different help features in the game: The main Help system and Teachy TV. Below is information and pictures on these two new features.

The main Help system is there as soon as your game starts. To see it, simply press the "L" or "R" button on your GBA. A blue screen then appears with three menu options. Each menu takes you to a long list of questions you might have or terms you'll need to understand to be a knowledgable Pokemon trainer. Questions are different for different occasions. There isn't much more to this Help system.

Teachy TV is obtained from the old man who taught you how to catch Pokemon when you tried to leave Viridian City. Teachy TV can then be found under the Key Items in your Bag. Once you open it, you'll find six television programs you can watch that'll help you out in some way. The host for all the programs is a dude by the name of Poke Dude. He knows what he's talking about, so you just watch and learn.

In the screenshot to your left, Poke Dude is showing me how to battle Pokemon. He finds a Pidgey in the grass, and battles it. During the battle, he explains what he's doing. Teachy TV isn't really helpful for those who have had a few hours or more of experience playing Pokemon games. This is for beginners who don't know anything, or experts who are interested in watching "TV" on their GBAs.