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The bulk of the guide, in which the Secret of the Trade is revealed to all...

Alright, a little note before the content starts: this is where most people get confuzzled. It's quite simple, but it needs to be explained. Why? Because I said so! And nearly everyone else I've talked to.

Getting The National Dex

The National Dex is an add-on to the Pokedex given to you by Professor Oak after you meet these requirements:

-Have at least 60 Pokemon listed as Caught in the Pokedex
-Defeat the Elite Four (and the Champion)

If you did the first before the second, then you should already have it. If not, then take a trip over to Oak's lab in Pallet when you get sixty Pokemon. Talk to him, and get a FREE (yes, FREE) update to your Pokedex.

The Ruby

Now, travel to the sunny port town of Vermillion City. Go to the dock, and talk to the sailor.

(Note: If you've read this before, then you may notice the subliminal message is gone. Don't worry- it's still in the document somewhere, you've just got to look. Or, rather, not look- it's a subliminal message, for goodness sakes!)

Travel to One Island, and head up to the Pokemon Network Center. Talk to Celio, and he will tell you the story of the Ruby and Sapphire. Guess what? You have to find them!

The Ruby, first item on the quest, is located in the bowels of Mt. Ember. That's close, so we'll get it. Surf east of the island, and travel along Kindle Road north to Mount Ember. At the base of Mt. Ember (right side), there'll be two mysterious guys. They're not the Men In Black- they're the Team Rocket Members In Black With A Large Red "R" On Their Uniforms. Defeat them; they're pie compared to the Elite Four. Mmmmm... pie... After beating them, look in the cave they're guarding. Wow! There's a Johto Pokemon! Sure, it's just Slugma, but that's okay. Travel through the many levels, and turn LEFT when there's two paths, each with a Strengthable boulder blocking them. After descending, take the Ruby. Hooray!!! And there was much rejoicing. Go back up, take the other path, and travel to the Pokemon Network Center once you get out of Mt. Ember. Give the Ruby to Celio, and he'll give you the Rainbow Pass (with some Town Map pages to boot). Travel to the next destination: Four Island.

The Sapphire

Once you get off the ferry, your rival will talk to you. He'll mention that someone you know is on the island. Who could it be? Let's find out! Go to the very east side of the island, and Surf across to the cave. Enter. Since you can't go up waterfalls yet, enter the left cave. Now, it's quite hard to explain the puzzle here, so use your mad puzzle solving skills and find your prize: HM07, the Waterfall Hidden Machine. Go back to the first part, and travel up the waterfall. Go along to find... Rockets! And not the candy kind. As well as the mystery person. Battle, and win. If you don't win, battle again. And win. If you don't win... then train. And battle. And win. After winning, take off to the next destination: Six Island.

Here we go! When you get here, the Rival talks to you about how the Sevii Islands suck. Loser. But we have a quest to do, so go east of the town, and then south. Travel along to the Ruin Valley, and go to the very heart of it. There's a mysterious door! With Braille. Normally, you'd have to decode this, but I'll give you a freebie today. Use Cut on the door, and gain access to the cave. Fall into the hole. Then, fall into the north hole, then the west hole, then the east hole, then the south hole. There it is. The Sapphire. In all its beauty. OMGWTFBBQ!!? The scientist just took it? Looks like it's a questin' time. Giddy up to Five Island!

So you're here, eh? Good work. Head east of town through the Five Isle Meadow, and then south to the Rocket Warehouse. By now, you should have 2 passwords. Enter, and enjoy the trademark Rocket conveyor belts. Fun? I think so! There's a Rocket Admin at theend, so watch out. After beating her, there's another one. I recommend leaving (thanks to the path she opened) and traveling to the Pokemon Center before battling the next one. Done? Good! After beating the Admins and the Scientist, you now have the Sapphire. Return it to Celio, he'll work his magic, and ba-da-boom-ba-da-bing! you can now trade between FR/LG and R/S.

Making the Trade

The following procedure can be carried out at ANY Pokemon Center, not just the Network Center. It's nearly identical to all the other procedures, so it's easy peasy for you.

Step One: Connect the GBA Link Cable.
Before you do this, turn off your Game Boy Advance/GBA SP/Game Boy Player. You don't have to turn it off, but it's recommended. Plug the 1P (small, purple) plug into one GBA, and the 2P plug into another.

NOTE!!!! PLEASE USE A GBA LINK CABLE!!!! Do not use a Game Boy Color link cable, it WILL NOT WORK. Do not use a GameCube-GBA link cable, it WILL NOT WORK. Do not use an original Game Boy link cable, it WILL NOT WORK (and it'll pwn your GBA to boot.)

Step Two: Turn the GBA On.
If you need help, ask an adult!

Step Three : Go to the 2nd floor of a Pokemon Center.
Any Pokemon Center throughout Kanto and the Sevii Islands has a second floor, for all link operations, including trading with R/S. Go to one now.

Step Four (FR/LG): Go to the Cable Club, and select "Trade Center".
Talk to the lady on the far right. She runs the Cable Club. Select "Trade Center".

Step Four (R/S): Go to the Trade Center Booth.
Talk to the lady in the middle to trade.

Step Five: Wait for all players to join.
If you have the small purple connector in your GBA (aka 1P), wait for the screen to say "2P LINK". Then press A.

Step Six: Browse and Trade
Here, you can browse your friend's party Pokemon, and your own as well. Choose a Pokemon to offer up, and approve the trade. If it's fair, of course; don't trade your Deoxys for a Pidgey.

Step Eight: Watch the Magic.
The Pokemon march one by one, hurrah, hurrah...


There are many ways to link with your friends, and they'll be covered below.

Mystery Gift

NO! It is NOT like the feature in G/S/C. Not at all. It's used by Nintendo at special events to give you stuff. NOT to obtain gifts with friends. The only event so far, however, is the Pokemon Rocks America event, at which you can get Deoxys.

First thing: How do you unlock Mystery Gift? Easy. Go to the Pokemon Mart in any city, and press A on the paper on the counter. Fill in the following:


Save, and reset your GBA (turn off, turn on). "Mystery Gift" appears on the main menu.

Second thing: How do I receive a Gift? Currently, you can only get the Aurora Ticket, which takes you to Birth Island and Deoxys. For detailed instructions on how to get it, go to:

and watch the Flash movie.

Berry Crush

Over time, you'll get berries. But, other than the useful ones that give health/cure status/other special effects, the others are useless! What to do? Crush them! To activate Berry Crush, go to Cerulean City, and go to the house next to the one in the upper left corner of town. Talk to the man (you need at least one Berry), and he'll give you a Powder Jar. Sweet! Now, you can go to the Direct Corner and select Berry Crush.

The objective of Berry Crushing is simple: press the A button incredibly quick. The faster, the more Powder you get. Here's a list of what's available:

IRON 1000
ZINC 1000
HP UP 1000
PP UP 3000

Sweet stuff. Except the powders, root, and herb, which are bitter and your Pokemon don't like them. Otherwise, sweet.

Wireless Game Corner

On Two Island, after saving Lostelle from the Hypno, you can play minigames with friends at the Wireless Game Corner. There are two games: Pokemon Jump and Dodrio Berry-Picking. How to play, you ask? See below!

Pokemon Jump
Players: 2 to 5
Elegible Pokemon: Most under 48", that can jump (ie. Eevee can, Diglett can't)
Instructions: Press A when the vine is about to come to jump.

Dodrio Berry-Picking
Players: 3 or 5
Elegible Pokemon: Dodrio
Instructions: Press left, up, or right on the + Control Pad to move Dodrio's heads and collect berries.

A fun way to party with friends. At least, I think so.


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