FireRed/LeafGreen - Review

The original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green were great games. Those were the two games that got Pokemon started, and soon known by every kid across the globe. Now Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen comes out. They are the remakes of the original Pokemon games with quite a few new features and places to visit. Because of that, Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen are even better than those great games.

The first games were on the black-and-white Game Boy with not-too-great graphics but good music. Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen is on the Game Boy Advance with many, many colors and great graphics. Everything in the new games were redrawn according to their locations in the old games. Pokemon Centers and PokeMarts now have their own distinctive look. Rocks, boulders, caves, trees - anything you can name is all redrawn with full color. The Pokemon themselves are redrawn to perfection. Attacks even look more realistic. All of the art in the game is based on the art from Ruby and Sapphire. That makes everything interchangeable, and great looking.

Since many features and things in FireRed/LeafGreen are the same with Ruby/Sapphire, some of the things appearing in the old games are changed. This includes the TMs. However, the game includes Move Tutors that teach your Pokemon moves that were once part of the old TMs. Another great feature that didn't exist in the old games is the ability for Pokemon to hold items. Now there's also two-on-two battles, shiny Pokemon, new islands, more Pokemon, new stats format, better Pack system divided into sections, wireless trading and communication, and many more features not seen in the old games.

All the above adds up to make FireRed and LeafGreen great games. Below is my rating.