GB TCG - Walkthrough

Your journey starts at the middle of the island. You go to Dr. Mason's lab after you start the game.

Dr. Mason's Lab Players: Aaron He introduce you to Sam. You play your first game with him. He tells you what to do so just follow him. After you beat him (you always do), Dr. Mason tells you to chose a deck to start with. There are 3 decks here they are Squirtle and friends, Charmander and friends, Bulbasaur and friends. Chose anyone you want because it doesn't matter. You can keep fighting Aaron for Energy cards.

Fighting Club Talk to Mitch the Club master and he tells you to find and defeat his fellows/members before he lets you beat him. There are 3 of them. You can find them at The Rock, The Grass and The Fire Club. Check your e-mail after you defeat a Club master because Dr. Mason sends you a e-mail about the master's deck, along with a booster pack. There is no one to fight here so you should go to the next club.

Rock Club Players: Andrew-Ryan-Mattew-Gene I find this the easiest club to get your first medal because whatever deck you choose, you still have advantages against the Club master, Gene. One of the most powerful Pokémon in his deck is Rhydon (!!!). I suggest you beat the other player in the Club first since you'll need the more new cards. After you beat him you get a Rock medal and 2 Mystery Boosters. By now, you should have a pretty good deck and at least 100+ cards. Now you got your first medal, you should have no problem getting your next.

Lightning Club Nicholas-Brandon-Jennifer-Isaac Here you can trade Chap a L35 Electabuzz to get a L20 Electabuzz(promo). I suggest you beat Nicholas first because he's the easiest to beat out of all the Club members. After you beat Nicholas, go and beat Brandon. Jennifer is the hardest one to beat because she has a Pikachu deck (With all Pikachus and Raichus in the deck). After you beat every player, you can finally fight Isaac. Try to get a better deck before you fight him because his deck is pretty strong. Beat him to get a Mystery booster pack and a Lightning medal. Now you should have 2 medals and about 140+ Cards. Your deck should be able to take on a non-powerful deck easily. When you try to leave, Ronald will challenge you to a battle. Beat him to get a Promotional Jigglypuff.

Water Club Sara-Amanda-Joshua-Amy Here you'll find players with decks that has Water Pokémon. In order to fight Amy you must beat Sara, Amanda, and finally Joshua. When you beat both Amanda and Sara, then fight Joshua. He won't let you pass unless you beat him. Beat Amy and get Water Badge from her. Amy uses a deck with a lot of Blastoise. I suggest you take down her Squirtles as soon as they are benched. Without Blastoise, she can't win because she don't have enough energy for her Pokémon. Beat her to get 2 Laboratory boosters. Go to the Challenge Hall after you beat her.

Challenge Hall You should be able to battle here for the first time. Beat 3 people and I got a Promotional Mewtwo. I think the game gives you random Promotional Cards. After you get a New Card, Go to the Fire Club to get your fourth medal.

Fire Club John-Adam-Jonathan-Ken Go straight for the Ken the Club Master. Beat him and get a Fire Medal and another 2 Mystery Boosters. You can fight the others first because you can get different booster from them. Ken's deck has a lot Chanseys, so fighting Pokémon will do the job. The deck I suggest you to use is a Water/Fighting deck. You should have no problem beating this guy. Go to the Science Club after you get the Fire medal. You should have 4 medals by now.

Science Club David-Erik-Joseph-Rick Go in, defeat David and Erik first because they're easier to beat. Rick is is the one in the room. Joseph is guarding because Rick is in an important experiment. Beat him and he'll let you through. Talk to Rick and beat him. This guy uses grass Pokémon with Psychic as weakness. Such as Koffing, and Nidoran. He is also one of the easiest master to beat. All you have to do is use a Psychic and Fire deck to beat him. Defeat him and get a Science medal and 2 Laboratory boosters. One time, I defeated him without taking more than 2 prizes because he had no Pokémon . When you leave the club, Ronald will challenge you again. This time, beat him to get a Super Energy Retrieval. Go to the Psychic Club after you get the card, other wise restart the game and try to get the card again.

Psychic Club Robert-Daniel-Stephanie-Murray The Murray here is one of the toughest club master. You might want to Battle the other people first so you get a good deck or maybe you won't be able to beat him. I used a deck with Blastoises and Charizards in it. I use Charizard and Blastoise's attacks to defeat his Psychic Pokémon. In order to fight him, you must talk to the old man in the other room. The old man ask you to defeat Murray because he hates him. Say yes and then go and fight Murray. Also, you get a prize from him for defeating Murray. After you beat him, go back and talk to the old man, and he'll give you a P13 Mewtwo as a prize for defeating Murray.

Fighting Club Michael-Chris-Jessica-Mitch You should have already defeated all 3 of his people. If you haven't, go to the three clubs and beat'em. He should not be hard to beat if you uses Psychic Pokémon. I defeated him with a Psychic and water deck. I mainly used Mewtwo and Kadabra. Defeat the leader and get a fighting medal. Now, you should go to Grass Gym.

Grass Gym Brittany-Heather-Kristin Defeat Brittany and Kristin and then go to Ishihara House. You will find the club master Nikki at Ishihara House.

Ishihara House The leader of Grass Club is here studying about something. Talk to her... and she'll return to the Grass Club. Go to the Grass club after so you can fight her and get your last badge.

Grass Club Brittany-Heather-Kristin-Nikki Defeat Nikki here to get your last medal. Beat her with fire Pokémon if you want a easy battle. Use a Water deck if you want a hard fight. She should not be too hard to beat. After you defeat her, make a Psychic and Electric, and Fighting and Water deck that can almost defeat all players in the game. Then go to the PokeDome.

PokeDome In the order you battle them: Courtney - Steve - Jack - Rod - Ronald Courtney: She uses fire Pokemon. I have seen Magmar(s), Moltres(s), Growlithe, Arcanine, and some other fire Pokemon in her deck. Five words, USE A WATER DECK. It is almost impossible to beat her with out water Pokemon. Psychic Pokemon will help too because they do quite a lot of damage to her Pokemon.

Steve: Steve uses electric Pokemon. I had no problem beating this guy using my Psychic and Electric deck (PsyZap). Strong Pokemon he uses are Zapdos(s), Electabuzz(s), and some others. If you don't have strong Psychic Pokemon, you can switch to Fighting Pokemon like Geodude or Diglett. They all have resistance to his electric Pokemon. He should not be had to beat since you have to resistances.

Jack: I don't like this guy. He uses all water Pokemon and sometimes can be quite strong. The Pokemon I hate the most is Articuno. It can done a LOT of damage to all Pokémon. I used a deck with Electric and Grass Pokemon. I find Koffing, and the Jungle Pikachu especially useful because of their attacks.

Rod: Rod is the toughest out of all 4 Grand masters. He is just like other Grand Master, but a lot harder to beat. He uses strong Colorless Pokemon like Dragonair, Dragonite. I defeated him by using a deck with only Electric Pokemon in it. Use the best deck you can make to defeat him. After you defeat him, you are a Master!!! But, you have another person to face, Ronald!

Ronald: This guy is tough! It is very hard to beat him plus he uses some of the strongest Pokemon in the game. He uses Water and Fire Pokemon. He has some of the Legendary Pokemon that the Grand Master has. I beat him using my Electriflying deck, which is almost undefeatable. Defeated him and got my legendary cards. Then, what the credit rolls. You will be back in Mason's lab after.

The game continues as there is no ending for this game so you can keep battling with your friends. Your goal is to get all 226 ards in the game and became the ultimate Master. Go and check the Challenge Hall for competition because it only happens at special time. You can get Promotional cards by winning competitions.