Gold/Silver - Review

Pokemon Gold/Silver is the game that introduced 100 new Pokemon, and the new land of Johto. Without a doubt, it is good.

Pokemon G/S is compatible with both Game Boy and Game Boy Color. When in color, it looks execellent. Once again, you are a Pokemon trainer, this time, in new land. You get three new starters from the Professor. There are eight new gyms, in eight new cities. You'll face trainers with names (for example: Fisher Tully, or Camper Todd), and the new Pokemon. Your pack is divided into four sections, allowing you to be more organized, and be able to carry more items. There are too many new things to talk about in this review, such as the ability to breed Pokemon.

When this game is compared to Red/Blue/Yellow, R/B/Y is outta here! G/S is so much better than the originals, because it has so many new features. And because of that, I give it a rating of: