Pokemon Channel - Mini Games

In Pokemon Channel, you can play a virtual Pokemon Mini. There are 6 demo games that you can play. The list below tells you information about each Pokemon Mini game.

Snorlax's Lunch Time: Snorlax's Lunch Time is a game where you control Snorlax and tell him when to eat. If you eat a Pichu, then it's game over for you! TIP: Just eat at a certain beat (like a beat of a second). When Pichu appears on the screen, just wait until he's gone and continue the beat.

Slowking's Judge: Judge whether the ball landed IN or OUT of the line. The more points you get right, the tougher it is. TIP: Always wait until the ball touches the ground. You don't have to worry about how much time you have. You get about 3 seconds to make the guess after the ball hits the ground.

Chansey's Dribble: Kick the soccerball all the way to the other side. Just move Chansey in front of the ball to kick. TIP: Stay closer to the edge but not too close. This technique usually allows you to kick the ball whether it's near the edge or near the center.

Pokemon Pinball Petit: Play different kinds of Pokemon Pinball. This game allows you to play as Diglett (or Pikachu if you completed the Quest mode). TIP: Hold down Diglett right when the ball starts to come down.

Puzzle Collection Petit: Play different kinds of puzzle games. There are 3 kinds of puzzle games. Each puzzle has something unique about it. TIP: On any puzzle, try to think of a way to fit it together before you do it (or you'll mess up).

Pikachu's Rocket Start: Press "A" as fast as you can when you feel a rumble in the controller. TIP: If you have a GForce controller, the rumble will be loud so you'll know when to press "A".

Written By: Jaifu