Red/Blue - Review

Pokemon Red/Blue is a great game, one of the best on the Nintendo Game Boy system. Hold on; it is the best game .Why would I say that?

First of all, it is totally exciting (not anymore when G/S/C hit the market). Your goal is to defeat the eight gym leaders, and beat the Elite Four, battling trainers and catching Pokemon along your way. There are strengths, weaknesses, and all sorts of team combinations that you can use for the strategy to become the ultimate Pokemon Master!

Of course, another reason why I say it is so good is because that's what Pokemon got famous.

Now for more on the review. Let's first start with the music. It sounds good, that's all I can say. Every city's music sounds fine, so there's nothing to complain there. But there is something not good with the Pokemon cries. Most of them sound like they're coming from a robot. Geodude sounds like an elephant! I mean, its voice should sound more "rocky".

The characters are good. There are Beauties, Cue Balls, Bikers, and so much more. There is one thing though. If you've ever played the game, you'll notice that the Beauties you battle in the water all look like men swimmers when in their sprite forms. That just looks weird.

Most of the things in Red/Blue are great, only a few things are bad. Because of those things, I have to give Pokemon Red/Blue the following rating: