Ruby/Sapphire - Two On Two Battles

Two on two Pokemon battles is something brand new to the Pokemon world. It's one of the coolest new features of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. How is that possible? Well, continue reading...

In your Pokemon list, you'll be able to choose the two Pokemon that you want to battle. Only the top two Pokemon on the list will be able to battle. Once you have chosen, you can go up to a pair of trainers (the Twins, for example), and challenge them to a battle. They won't approach you for battle, so you must talk to them if you want to battle.

You choose the attacks you want to use, the Pokemon you want to attack by using the left and right arrows, and the Pokemon attacks in the order of their speed: the faster one attacks first. Most attacks hit one Pokemon at a time, but some moves can hit or effect both of the opponent's Pokemon! Those moves are the following: Flash, Leer, Surf. Once any of your opponent's Pokemon faints, both of your Pokemon receives experience points, even if one of them didn't attack.

Two on two battles is a good way to raise a weak Pokemon's experience and levels. Even if the first Pokemon already defeated one of the foes, your other Pokemon still gets experience points. All of the above contribute to a great new feature!