Ruby/Sapphire - Contests

Want to enter a Pokemon Contest? Get a Contest Pass in Verdanturf Town, then go to any red buildings with flat gray roofs with little indentations on them. The door of the Pokemon Contest buildings consist of a PokeBall and a red ribbon printed on the blue door. Just find it in Verdanturf Town. You can choose between five kinds of contests:

Cool (associated with the color Red)
Smart (associated with the color Blue)
Cute (associated with the color Pink)
Beauty (associated with the color Green)
Tough (associated with the color Yellow)

The colors help you throughout the process of preparing your Pokemon for a contest. You can then identify moves and PokeBlocks for the certain stat by their color.

Talk to the lady at the counter and she will explain the rules, then let your Pokemon in if you keep answering "Yes" to all her questions. There are two stages a Pokemon will go through to be judged, the primary and secondary. There are four people in the contest at a time. Just remember PokeBlocks help your Contest stats before you enter. Simply feed it to your Pokemon.

To obtain PokeBlocks, put Berries into the Berry Mixer, and it'll pop out. After that, the lady will take you into the contest room. The contests will be held in the following procedure:

Primary: Your Pokemon gets judged by its appearance.

Secondary: Your Pokemon will show five moves to its audience.

If you beat the other Pokemon and win, you'll receive a little prize. You can join other contests if you have beaten this one. Here's the order of contests you can join:

Verdanturf Town - Beginner
Fallarbor Town - Intermediate
Slateport City - Hard
Lilycove City - Expert

You must complete them in that order, however. Lilycove City is the hardest.

By: Kit