Ruby/Sapphire - Review

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are the first Pokemon games to hit the Gameboy Advance, and hit it hard. It sold great, and I consider it a great game too. There are, however, many things that I don't enjoy. First, of course, comes the good things.

How much of an improvement is R/S compared to G/S/C? Well, I suppose you know how far the distance is between the Sun and Pluto. Yeah, you get the idea. There's tons of new Pokemon, many too many. The cities and towns look totally different, and so much better than the previous games. A lot more color is put into the game. Now even the text boxes have color! There's new effects, like the rain, snow, sandstorms, and city maps too. The two on two battles are just wild.

I like the Contest and the new Berries very much. Everything just feels so real when you're in a Contest, and searching for rare Berries is pretty fun too. After winning a Contest, I just feel great to know I have a winner. The only thing is that there are too many Berries. You wouldn't think there's nothing bad about this game, would you? Well, there is (in my opinion).

There are over 350 Pokemon now. Is it me, or does something seem wrong. When Gold/Silver came out, it had 100 more Pokemon than Red/Blue. It seemed like a great number. Now what? Over a hundred new Pokemon? That's just too much. Gamefreak put too many weird Pokemon into it, many of them look like robots. The rest are great Pokemon, though. This also makes it hard for a trainer to remember the names.

They had to take the majority of the old Pokemon out, didn't they? And the old cities. And the animation fron Pokemon Crystal. They also had to renumber all the Pokemon. I don't think they should have, even though you could obtain the old Pokemon, but only through cheats. The old cities were great, and so was the animation from Crystal. But with all those things that I'm not pleased with, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is still the best game ever!