Ruby/Sapphire - World Map

Hoenn is the world for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It has a total of 16 cities and towns, and 33 routes. It has other geographical features such as mountains and caves. This map shows you what Hoenn looks like, and where the cities are. The cities below are listed in alphabetical order.

Hoenn Map

1. Dewford Town
2. Ever Grande City
3. Fallarbor Town
4. Fortree City
5. Lavaridge Town
6. Lilycove City
7. Little Root Town
8. Mauville City
9. Mossdeep City
10. Oldale Town
11. Pacifidlog Town
12. Petalburg City
13. Rustboro City
14. Slateport City
15. Sootopolis City
16. Verdanturf Town