News Archive - April 2001

GB TCG 2 Map
Posted On: Monday, April 30, 2001
Okay, if you look to your right, you can see the map of Gameboy TCG 2: Return of TR. OK, that's about all the information I can find on that. Also, Nintendo has confirmed that they won't be releasing the Mobile GB Adaptor in Crystal.

I've uploaded many new downloads for Pokemon Dome's upcoming Downloads section. One of them is the Second Pokemon Opening Theme. There's also the Japanese Team Rocket motto and the seizure clip. Every download will be in Japanese, so that NOA won't sue us. Also, there is another major update of around 20 episodes in the Episode Guide area.

English Crystal Images
Posted On: Sunday, April 29, 2001
Nintendo has just sent IGN, an official gaming website 5 English pictures of Pokemon Crystal, again, coming out on July 30th. This is the first time these pictures have been shown. The pictures can be seen on the IGN site, by clicking here.

I've done a major change in the Episode Guide area. I've put all the links to each guide on the same page for easier viewing and added two new guides for Wired For Battle and Roll On, Pokemon. I will be adding a lot more, since we really need more of those episode guides. I need some sort of staff to write episode synopsis. So if you can do that, please e-mail me at

Also, I've put up new screen shots for Celebi, A Timeless Encounter, and changed a few things around the site. Prior to getting a new affiliate, Poke Nest, I've put the affiliates section in the menu. That's all for now.

Crystal Is Coming Soon
Posted On: Thursday, April 27, 2001
Pokemon is coming out in US and CA on July 30th, a couple of months ahead of the September release. The thing is that Nintendo hasn't said anything yet about the Mobile GB Adaptor, the stuff that let's you trade with people around the nation. So I guess Crystal will only be an improvement (a big one too) of Gold/Silver, just like Yellow.

I've updated the Fan Art section with one new image: an electrode that I drew. Also, I've added the bios of Misty, Brock, and Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket.

4TH Opening
Posted On: Tuesday, April 26, 2001
4TH Jap OpeningWell, isn't this a suprise. Pokemon Dome finally has its first major download. This is the fourth Japanese Pokemon opening theme. It is a remix of the first theme, Mezase Pokemon Masuta. The song is sang by the J-Pop group, White Berry. The music is excellent, but the way they sing it sucks. It sounds like someone who doesn't know Japanese is singing it, even though I don't know how to speak it myself. To download it, just click on the image.

There are two new images in the Fan Art section, and one is a Bulbasaur made by me in MS Paint. Also, the new layout of the PPA will be up soon.

Coffee Addict, a popular member of the forums and the TCG deck rater has created a song called I Wanna Be Your Pokemon:

No gym leader's strong enough for me
Cuz the only one with who I wanna be
Is you
Though your training's really tough
I still cannot get enough
Of you

I wanna take you to my house
I wanna be your electric mouse
C'mon baby it'd be fun
I wanna be your pokemon

Bad News
Posted On: Tuesday, April 24, 2001
The sales of the third movie really sucks now. Now Pokemon 3 The Movie is not even in the top 10 box offices, I don't know where it is! Please, people, watch the third movie. You probably can't help getting the fourth movie out, but at least you can let KIDS' WB think about releasing the movie.

If you don't know this, and you probably don't, I am really mad. Pokemon Dome's hits have been dropping again these days. And when it drops, I really get mad. I feel that it's not worth working on this site anymore. I put in so much of my time, and I don't earn a penny. So please, make me a happy person and visit Pokemon Dome often and tell all of your friends about it. Also, Tripod's stupid server is mostly down for a few days, so couldn't really update. Hope they recover.

Also, Pokemon Dome has a new message board. This is a UBB 6.04a, a quite new version of the UBB. Go there now! Note that it is still under construction.

Posted On: Sunday, April 22, 2001
Well, people, what do you think? Nice or bad? The new layout I mean. I feeel that this is the best layout thst I've ever made! First, let's look at the topper image. Behing the words "Pokemon Dome" is a PD Ball, which is cut out halfway. Then you see Charizard and Entei. This, folks, is our Fire Layout!

I took out a couple of things in the site, and sort of reorganized. I took down that "updated" thing too, since some sections are always updated. That's about it.

Game Cube Delayed
Thursday, April 19, 2001
Game CubeThe new Nintendo game system, Game Cube, is said to be released in April in Japan. But now, they've changed it to September. That means that we (North America) won't get it until Christmas, or after. It also means that the 3D Pokemon RPG (I think) will be delayed.

There are two more new Fan Fics and one more new Fan Art at Pokemon Dome. Look under the fan section for it.