News Archive - January 2003

Pokemon Heroes
Posted On: Thursday January 30th, 2003  By: Mewtwo
The 5th Pokemon movie has been out in Japan for some time now. It is based on the two new legendary Pokemon, Latias and Latios. Here's the good news: The movie may be released in U.S. theaters as early as May 2003! The movie will possibly be called Pokemon Heroes. The movie should be distributed by Miramax again, and will probably go on limited release like the previous movie.

While this news is quite exciting for Pokemon lovers, this information isn't confirmed. For a lot of information and an in-depth synopsis of the fifth movie, please go to Pokemon Dream's 5th Movie Section.

Chat Room
Posted On: Wednesday January 29th, 2003  By: Mewtwo
Pokemon Dream has a new Chat Room, and can be found by going into the Features section. With this new chat room comes a chatting event once every week. The next chatting event is tomorrow starting at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (8:00 p.m. Eastern Time). I established this in order for every one to gather together. I might not be there, but I hope that everyone will be there anyway.

You may have noticed that I replaced the "é" in Pokémon with a normal "e". I'm in the process of
replacing that still. Why do I do this? PD has been getting a low number of visitors because a lot
of people can't find PD when they search, since most people don't type in the accented e. For that reason, I have to go through hundreds of pages to change that. Also, for those of you who have joined or want to join the message board, I have something to say. Please post there. The board is basically dead right now, so I need people to start posting!

New Member
Posted On: Saturday January 25th, 2003  By: Torchic
Hi. I'm the new staff member of Pokemon Dream. I live in the U.S. and I will do my best to give you good information.

English R/S Screenshots Revealed!
Posted On: Saturday January 25th, 2003  By: Mewtwo
English Ruby/Sapphire ScreenshotTo your left is one of the few newly revealed English Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire screenshots. The words looks highly squashed together, but all other things looks the same. The names of some Pokémon have been revealed because of these shots. For more information, go to our affiliate Pokémon UK's page.

I have added a TMs & HMs page to the Ruby/Sapphire section. As you probably noticed, I've changed PD with a sort of a new look. That's all for now.

Fan Works
Posted On: Friday January 17th, 2003  By: Mewtwo
Today, I'd like to talk about the Fan Works section. I will soon be adding a new section that I won't be revealing. If you really want to know, then here's a hint: PD used to have this section for a short while, and was taken off.

Also, everyone can start submitting Fan Fics to me. I've decided to accept more Fan Fic. In order to do so, you must join the PokéDream Forums and post your Fan Fic in the Fan Fics forum.

Nintendo to Milk Pokemon Slightly Less
Posted On: Friday January 17th, 2003  By: Kit
Acording to, Nintendo is planning to slow the licensing fervor for Pokemon that has seen Pikachu is plastered on everything from lunchboxes to Pop Tarts to toilet seats. The image of Pokemon already faded in the United States but suprisingly it's going strong in Japan! For more details on this, log on to

The Egg'll Hatch Soon
Posted On: Monday January 13th, 2003  By: Mewtwo
Last Saturday, KIDs' WB aired an episode called The Egg-sighting Adventure, where Ash loses his egg temporarily because of one of Togepi's attacks. Ash really wants to know what's in that egg. Well, he will find out in the next episode. Many of you know what the baby Pokémon will be. But for those of you who don't know, it's a cute little Phanpy!

Now for updates. As you might have noticed, the former Fan Stuff section has been renamed to Fan Works, which sounds a whole lot better. Also, I have added another city into the R/S Walkthrough.

No News Is Good News
Posted On: Monday January 13th, 2003  By: Mewtwo
Well, PD was getting a load of hits after moving to the new server. But after a few days of moving, T35 deleted all of PD's files. I had to re-upload everything. That's real hard work. But none of you visitors have anything to worry about. The site's up and running once again!