News Archive - July 2001

Tomorrow = Release of Crystal
Posted On: Sunday, July 29, 2001
Pokemon Crystal & GBCGuess what? Pokemon Crystal will be released tomorrow! The picture to your left is a combination of Pokemon Crystal and GBC, costing $79.99. At KB Toys, Pokemon Crytsal will cost $34.99, and $29.99 at Toys "R" Us. I've updated the Crystal release date already.

The G/S/C Walkthrough is currently at Mahogany City. Soon, the whole Johto region will be done. I've added a few maps, some more locations, and new Crystal features. A new section is also up. The Pokemon Funnies section! This came from an idea from TotodileMew11 if the message board. These are funny Pokemon comments, go there and check it out now!

Finally, I've updated the whole look of the front page, added a Translator, and a new poll is also up. Please vote!

Top 15 Pokemon
Posted On: Friday, July 27, 2001
KIDS' WB is letting you choose your show! How? By letting you choose your favorite Top 15 Pokemon from the old Pokemon list. Want to choose? Go there and pick your top 15 Pokemon now!

Crystal is coming out in a few days. They say that it's July 30, but I'm not sure. Also, the G/S/C Walkthrough is currently up to Ecruteak City, and hopefully, the entire Johto league will be finished by the first day of August. Then I'll have to start with Kanto (whew!).

G/S/C Walkthrough
Posted On: Monday, July 23, 2001
Yes, yes, I know that it's a little too late, but it's a long one. What is it? A Gold/Silver, and Crystal Walkthrough! As I have said, it is a little late for that, but it is, as I said, a Crystal walkthrough too. Not much Crystal information is included, but soon will be. There are tips, and soon, Pokemon locations. The walkthrough is currently in the Ilex Forest. Go there now!

Release of VS
Posted On: Saturday, July 21, 2001
VS: Leaders' Pokemon set was released on the 19th in Japan, and Pokemon Dome has updated information on it. Click here to go there. The Pokemon Crystal website was updated, and luckily, no other website noticed it. Only Pokemon Dome, the first to have the freshest Crystal stuff. Go there to find a totally updated Crystal section.

A new TCG deck, new stories, new fan art, new questions for Ash, and new PokeLyrics were also put up. All of the card sets in the TCG section was updated with a better look, and theme deck information. Also, I've added Japanese opening and ending lyrics in the Lyrics section. Note that the ending is not complete.

Pokemon Crystal Website
Posted On: Thursday, July 7, 2001
Nintendo has opened the official Pokemon Crystal website at; Click on the link to go there. It doesn't have a bit of information, but there is a contest. It's called the Ruins of Alph Sweepstakes, and if you win the grand prize, you'll get to go to Cacun, Mexico! There, you'll be able to explore the ancient Mayan city of Tulum.

Pokemon Dome has some good news. Before, I kept all of Pokemon Dome's files (as backup) in another server. I had to upload the files twice every time I updated something, so that the backup is current. And everytime when I wanted to edit a page, I would have to download the files, edit it, and upload it, then upload it again to the backup server. But now, this day, things have changed for the good. I currently have all the files on my PC, which means no more backup servers, or downloading and uploading. Now, it'll be just two ways. Edit, and upload. This means that Pokemon Dome will be updated twice as fast as before! ^_^

Japanese Promo Card: Kakureon
Posted On: Tuesday, July 3, 2001
Kakureon Promo People in Japan attending the fourth movie will recieve this promo card to your left. This is one of the new Pokemon who is in the fourth movie and will be in the upcoming GBA game, Kakureon. Another Pokemon TCG news is that ANA Airlines are giving away two promo cards: Larvitar and Pikachu.

The Fan Art section has three new images drawn by an amazing person through Microsoft Paint. The Pokemon all look pretty sad. Also, one thing I would like to note. Ever since Pokemon Dome opened, there were no episode guides or Pokemon TCG card lists, or a Pokedex. So now, I'm planning to finish the TCG card lists (only Base 1 and 2, and Fossil needs to be completed), the episode guides (only around 25 more episodes needed to be filled), and the Gold/Silver Pokedex. I am also planning to make Pokemon Dome a website with very good editorials, something that I enjoy writing.

A New One Done!
Posted On: Monday, July 2, 2001
Here's the new layout. The Pichu and Pikachu Layout. I like it a lot. Some new features can be seen on the side bar. I've taken down the downloads section and New Pokemon section, since I think I didn't need them. I'll just scatter the downloads around the site. I've added a new section on VS, the new set coming out in Japan. This is Pokemon Dome's first TCG preview, so please read it. Also, I'm keeping last months news here, since there really isn't a lot.