News Archive - July 2005

Pokemon Rocks America Dates
Friday, July 29, 2005 has finally revealed the dates for the upcoming Pokemon Rocks America events. They are going to be held in five different places in the US. Here are the dates:

September 17
October 1
October 8
October 15
October 22

All of these dates are Saturdays. On Tuesday, August 2, I'll be back to tell you the five different states where the events will be taking place. Bye!
By: Celebi2000

New Drawing Board
Saturday, July 23, 2005
I notice that Pokemon Dream's Drawing Board has gotten quite popular over the past few months. The problem is, the Drawing Board only allows a maximum of 5 visitors on. I have solved that dreaded problem by adding 4 new boards. Now that Pokemon Dream has a total of 5 Drawing Boards, a maximum of 25 people can be on at the same time, allowing endless doodling! Check out the Drawing Board now!
By: Mewtwo

Battle Frontier Guide
Thursday, July 14, 2005
Over two months after the release of Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Dream has finally added a new section to our Pokemon Emerald section. Thanks to Liam Brennan, PD now has a very detailed Battle Frontier Guide. This is sure to help those who are stuck in the Battle Frontier and desparately need help.

In addition, I've added 3 new fan arts. Updates may be scarce nowadays, but at least they are major updates. Enjoy!
By: Mewtwo