News Archive - June 2004

Poké Rumours
Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @ 9:54 PM EDT
Hey there, I have to share that the word on a few anime forums recently is that in 2005 a World expo will be held in the Japanese Prefecture - 'Aichi'. Sounds pretty basic! but the expo will feature a "Pokémon theme park" I'm not too sure about the specifics. And at the moment I haven't seen anything to prove it is official. But it proves that pokémon still has a measurable popularity, around the world. The expo will open March 18, 2005 and close September 25, 2005.

On another interesting (& official) note search Statistics Recently:
The Lycos top 50 list week-ending June 26 2004, places pokémon in number 20 position. Pokémon is also classified as a top 50 elite!
By: Lexy101

Pokemon Emerald
Tuesday, June 29, 2004 @ 9:18 PM EDT
Before you read any further, this is a rumor and there is a chance that it may not be true.

Anyway, there are rumors that the Fourth Generation Pokemon game is going to be called Pokemon Emerald. It is not known if this will just be another GameBoy Advance Title, or if this new Pokemon will be on the Nintendo DS. Once again, we must wait for the next issue of CoroCoro Magazine.
By: LeaderMarina

Fourth Generation Pokemon
Saturday, June 26, 2004 @ 5:37 PM EDT
Some Fourth Generation Pokemon are going to be announced in a upcoming CoroCoro magazine. (Japan) There are rumors that one is named Koitsu. So far, the only mentioned Fourth Generation Pokemon are Koitsu and Gonbe. More news on this soon!
By: LeaderMarina

Poll Results
Friday, June 25, 2004 @ 2:53 PM EDT
The results for the previous poll (How often do you watch Pokemon?) are in. Over 1,000 people voted! 11% voted for Once a Week, 18% voted for At Least Once a Week, 57% voted for Everyday, and 12% voted for Don't Watch It. As you can clearly see, the Pokemon TV show is still very popular, even after so many years. A new poll is up, like always, so vote now!

I've also started a project to fix all the errors and add more information into our Ruby/Sapphire Walkthrough. This is the section that gets the most visitors, since it truly is the #1 R/S Walkthrough on the net. Currently, I'm starting my game over, and going over every little detail to accomplish perfection.
By: Mewtwo

Pre-Order Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
Monday, June 21, 2004 @ 2:44 PM EDT
Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, the GBA remakes of the original Pokemon Red and Green, will be released in the US on September 7th of this year. Pre-ordering begins right now! You can pre-order Pokemon FireRed and/or LeafGreen on Pokemon Dream by using the links under the "Hot Items" section of the right sidebar. Those are the official box arts of the new games. They cost only $39.99, and comes with the Wireless Adaptor. Pre-order your copy today!
By: Mewtwo

Turbo Tops
Monday, June 21, 2004 @ 4:50 AM EDT
The official [] store has been updated again with a few new products. You can now find 4 different types of Pokemon Turbo Tops. The 4 types include: Tyranitar & Scizor, Volbeat & Kecleon, Pikchu & Duskull, and Raikou & Celebi. The Pokemon Turbo Tops cost $9.95 each. Last, but not least, there is a cool Pikachu Ukulele! The ukulele features a picture of Pikachu and says "Pika!" in Japanese. The Pikachu Ukulele is limited edition item and is only available at []. The Pikachu Ukulele costs $119.95. You can check out these items, plus many more, at [].
By: NeeHerc22

Jirachi Wish Maker
Sunday, June 20, 2004 @ 9:15 PM EDT
After its release as DVD and VHS on June 1st, Jirachi Wish Maker, the sixth Pokemon movie, is showing good sales. The video sales charts for the week of Jirachi Wish Maker's release shows that it had made it into two different charts: Top Video Sales and Top Kid Videos. It came as #4 on the first list, and #2 on the second list, respectively. Unfortunately, the sixth movie was never released in theaters in the US, and never will.
By: Mewtwo

A Bit of My Thoughts
Friday, June 18, 2004 @ 8:10 PM EDT
I've written a new News Report, something I haven't done in a long time. This one is titled, My Life: A Discussion On Pokemon. It reveals deep thoughts of mine on my connection with Pokemon. Below is a preview:

I guess I got into Pokemon much later than most of my friends. Before, I had no real hobbies, rarely played video games, didn't have a computer, and typed with two fingers at maybe 15 WPM when I occasionally used one. All I had was my family, piles of stories that I wrote for when I was bored, schoolwork, and that all I cared about. Everything changed though, after being introduced to Pokemon and watching my first episode of Pokemon. I was beginning to enjoy something that I really liked. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, unless one needs to put Power Rangers (one thing I liked to watch a very long time ago) into the discussion. My life was changing just because of this one thing: Pokemon.

To read the whole News Report, click here. It will allow you to get a better understanding of me (Mewtwo). Post any comments after you read below.
By: Mewtwo

Mail Center Down
Thursday, June 17, 2004 @ 6:41 PM EDT
For those of you using Pokemon Dream's Mail Center, I would like to inform you that it is currently down. The downtime we had a while ago had a bad effect on the e-mail service as well. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed soon.
By: Mewtwo

More Pokemon On The Weekdays
Thursday, June 10, 2004 @ 7:48 AM EDT
Here's some good news for all those Pokemon anime fans: starting Monday, June 14th, the weekdays airings of Pokemon will be extended by half an hour. In other words, Pokemon will be show for a full hour each weekday! I guess that's good news, since it shows that Pokemon's doing well with the viewers.

Also, I apologize for yesterday's downtime. The server was experiencing some problems; hopefully that doesn't happen again.
By: Mewtwo

Pokemon Box...US Release!
Monday, June 7, 2004 @ 10:02 AM EDT
Pokemon Box is coming to the US. This is a Pokemon organizer where you can store up to 1,500 Pokemon, and even have the ability to play Ruby and Sapphire on your GameCube. This will only be available through and PokemonCenter NY.

You can pre-order the game right now at by clicking here. It will come with a GameCube/Game Boy Advance Link Cable, a GameCube Memory Card, and two Pokemon badges. You can get all this for $19.99. So if you want to get it, click on the link above.
By: Mewtwo

Lack of Updates
Sunday, June 6, 2004 @ 12:59 AM EDT
Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been very busy lately, so I've had very little time to work on Pokemon Dream. When I did have time, I was experimenting with my new software (Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver) to make this a better site. I assure everyone that I'll have much more time available to work on the site after next week.
By: Mewtwo

EX Hidden Legends Microsite
Wednesday, June 2, 2004 @ 8:08 AM EDT
The [] website has announced that on June 4th an EX Hidden Legends microsite will open. The EX Hidden Legends microsite will include EX Hidden Legends downloads, games, and a sneak peek at 10 EX Hidden Legends cards! But what is even more exciting, you will also be able to enter your name into a drawing for a trip to Orlando Florida to check out the World Championship. You can head on over to [] for more info and a cool banner for EX Hidden Legends. Then be sure to check out the EX Hidden Legends microsite when it opens on June 4th!

Hope that you guys enter the drawing!!!! Good Luck!!!
By: NeeHerc22