News Archive - May 2001

A Few Things About The New Layout
Posted On: Wednesday, May 23, 2001
The new layout is 100% done, and should be up on June 1st. This is probably the best layout I've made yet, and now, it's easier to navigate. It will load about, let me see, 20 times quicker, since it won't have many images, and there is less HTML involved. The color will be navy, a color that one of my friends suggested. I will, however, be needing more pictures. So if you can draw a good picture, please e-mail me immediately!!!

Pokemon GBA Game
Posted On: Monday, May 21, 2001
Sorry for not updating for such a long time, but heres some new on the new Pokemon GBA game, called Pokemon Johto League Championships. There are no pictures, demos, no evidence on what genre it is. Only a logo with the name on it, which I will be putting up soon.

Ash Answers has been updated with two new questions. A new layout will be arriving soon. this time, it's not just the top logo and the format that changes. This time, everything will change. A totally different look.

Pokemon = Going Down?
Posted On: Tuesday, May 15, 2001
In Japan, Pokemon isn't as popular as before. They are all playing a game called Yi-Gi-Oh, translated into Game King. It all started in 1996 when a comic strip came out... This news struck me like a firespin, and made me so mad. What in the world can be better than Pokemon? Is this possible that Pokemon isn't as good as before, and this thing called Yu-Gi-Oh is taking over? To read more on this article that made me steaming mad, CLICK HERE. By the way, I found a review on this "exciting" game. You'll see what I mean. Read the review here.

It turned out that the people at Nintendo Power couldn't spell, and made a mistake on the new Pokemon names. I've updated the three new Pokemon's names, and could be found here. I've also updated the format of the Games section.

A new section is up! The PokeLyrics Archive! Isn't that the most original name you've ever heard of? Well, TotodileMew11, a member of the forums suggested this section, and so, it is up. Here, you'll find Pokemon songs and poems written by fans. There are three songs already, go check 'em out now!

Downloads Section
Posted On: Monday, May 14, 2001
The new downloads section is open! To go there, CLICK HERE. There are currently 3 video clips from episodes, 4 opening themes, and 3 movie trailers. I'm still working on the game sounds. There will be much more to come. Note that I keep the download files on another server, and they are down about 20% of the times.

The cheats links that are in the individual games sections no longer work, for they are all broken links. You'll need to go to the new Cheats and Codes section to get all the stuff you need. Also, three new decks about to be rated. Also, I've taken down the Tips page in the Games section because I feel that there is no need for that.

Top 5 Rentals
Posted On: Saturday, May 12, 2001
Below are the top 5 games being rented for this week, Pokemon Stadium 2 is high and proud at #1!:

1 Pokemon Stadium 2
2 Paper Mario N64
3 Conker's Bad Fur Day N64
4 Onimusha Warlords PS2
5 The Bouncer PS2

There's a new section in Pokemon Dome, the Cheats & Codes, part of the Games section. Here, you'll find all the normal cheats and gameshark codes for almost every single game. I've updated the TCG FAQ and the Anime FAQ with a lot of stuff, so check it out. A new affiliate, AnimeMoon. And also a new staff; a cheats finder, Max_Extreme.

English Crystal Box
Posted On: Friday, May 11, 2001
Check it out people! It's the English Pokemon Crystal box cover! The picture is from SPP. It looks pretty groovy. Let's just hope that it's not fake, 'cause Pokemon dome doesn't want to provide fake information/pictures.

The downloads section is about 80% done. One movie trailer has a broken link (no!), and that's a good trailer too. And Pokemon Dome never has broken links... Heres a preview of what's there, and what's not: Downloads for all four opening themes, a few sounds from the games, Warden shooting at Team Rocket, Seizure clip, and the Japanese Team Rocket motto. I know, I know, that's not a lot. But more, much more, will be coming soon. Also, what's not there are the ending themes. There are too many, 11 to be exact, and I don't want to download and upload so much files.

Pokemon TCG Sales Drop
Posted On: Thursday, May 10, 2001
It looks like sales of Pokemon TCG is dropping. What does that mean? Well, all I know is that it's not very good. It wouldn't be nice if they didn't release Neo 4, right? So keep up the Pokemon hype and buy those freakin' high quality paper that you call Pokemon TCG! The anime is going worse than the TCG, but the games are still up and strong like before!

Today my former affiliate, the webmaster of AnimeMoon asked me if I wanted to be hosted. I will get 100 MB, PHP, CGI, and so much more! If you were a webmaster, once you looked at it, it'd be like a dream, because there are so many features!!! But I said no to them. Am I stupid, you ask me? Yes, I truly am. You see, the thing is, I never keep files on my computer. I keep them on another server, and I have about 5 servers where I keep all the backup files. If AnimeMoon ever crashes (which I'm sure they won't, but what if...), then there will be a lot of trouble going around. I first have to download all the files from the backup server (around 12 MB), and that's not quick on a 56K modem. Then I'll have to upload it. I feel much more safer in a free and big server, such as Tripod.

Posted On: Tuesday, May 8, 2001
A new section! Hooray! The new section is part of the Games section. What is it about? Game Boy TCG 2: Return of Team GR (Great Rocket)! CLICK HERE to go check it out. There are currently no information on it. All I have is a few screenshots, pictures of the coins, and the different trainers. More of course, will be coming soon.

I gave the Forums a brand new look with a Celebi picture at the top. Go there today and join! There is also a new forum: PokeDome's Text RPG. this is a forum that uses text to create Pokemon journeys.

Pokemon Picture Archive
Posted On: Monday, May 7, 2001
Guess what? Okay, don't guess. the new Pokemon Picture Archive is up! Go there now! A brand new look, as I said, and some new icons and pictures. I added icons for the three new Pokemon. I'll soon be adding more, much more. So don't forget to come back for tons of updates.

I have done a major update to the Pokemon Crystal section, adding around 30 new screen shots! You really should check it out. I want to put up a lot of information before the game is released. And I'll also be adding a section for GB TCG 2, Return of GR. I currently only have screenshots of it. But soon I'll have so much stuff on it. That's all, see ya!

Igglybuff Promo Card
Posted On: Friday, May 4, 2001
Igglybuff PromoWizards of the Coast will soon be releasing an Igglybuff promo card. The only word that I'll say when I look at this card is weak. I mean, Good Night Song only lets your opponent sleep, and the Baby Power sucks. This is the first TCG news in a long time, though it is quite short.

I've updated the movies section by combining the main movie and OVA into one page for better and easier navagation. I also did a huge modification to the Submitted Decks section, mostly the looks of it. With that, I put up 5 new decks. One of them is by me, 3 by my stupid friend Curtis, and another one by a fan.

Posted On: Thursday, May 3, 2001
It's a new month, and we've got a new Ninetales picture submitted in the Fan Art section. A new poll! It's about what you would like to see more on Pokemon Dome. Currently, the Downloads has two votes. I guess this means people really want a download section, a section that we really need. But, don't worry, the Downloads section will be arriving in about a week or so. It'll feature music from the games, clips from "special episodes", trailers from movies, and opening and ending themes. Note that all clips will be in Japanese, as I've said before. Anyway, here is the poll results: A total of 29 people voted (only?), and 18 of them said that Pokemon 3 was Excellent! 4 didn't watch it, 2 said good, and 2 said "So Bad".

Not only is the new Downloads section coming, the new and improved Pokemon Picture Archive is coming too! This will have many new pictures from all the different places you can think of, and a much better design. The new PPA will even have a layout on it's own, just like the Episode Guide!