News Archive - November 2000

 Sorry All....
 Tuesday, November 28, 2000 - 9:35 PM
BY: DetDragon  
well, i just wanted to say that im sorry..... for not updating. and hopefully, Mewtwo will not do anything to me..... ya.... anyways! i have no news, but i want to add to the update two spaces below mine... geez, talk about falling for Pokemon eh? ( ya, enuf wit da parodies) . and by the way, why didnt anyone inform me that the rest of the crew were typing correctly, and even saw mine, but didnt say a word? okay, im running out of time... mewtwo has his whip..... this is DetDragon, doing nothing.


 Pokemon : You Love It To Death
 Monday, November 27, 2000 - 12:54 PM
BY: Mewtwo  
Well, I just want everyone to understand, you can love something to death. Once again, another little kid jumped off a building because of Pokemon, but the kid didn't die. Below is from Yahoo!

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) - Turkey's health minister urged TV stations Saturday to replace Pokemon cartoons with other children's programs after a 7-year-old girl jumped off a balcony apparently believing she was a Pokemon character with superhuman powers.
Seda Aykanat, who jumped off her fifth-floor balcony Friday and broke her leg, was the second Turkish child to jump off a balcony apparently to imitate Pokemon characters - cartoon animals with special powers. Earlier, a 4-year-old boy sustained injuries after a similar jump.
Health Minister Osman Durmus already had asked ministry experts to study the effect of the Pokemon cartoon on children. The experts concluded Friday that the cartoon distanced children from reality, confused them by presenting both "good and bad heroes," and desensitized them to violence, daily Hurriyet reported Saturday.
The ministry experts said the popularity of the cartoon and trading cards should be discouraged, but that they should not be banned since this could further attract children to the products, daily Hurriyet reported.
"Putting the cartoon off the air all of a sudden could lead to serious problems," Durmus said Saturday. "Televisions must over a period of time make (children) forget the cartoon."
The Pokemon phenomenon originated in Japan three years ago as a Nintendo (news - web sites) Game Boy game. It quickly expanded into cartoons, comic books and trading cards, becoming a multibillion dollar enterprise and enjoying enormous popularity.
Spokesmen at Nintendo of America in Redmond, Wash., were not available for comment Saturday.

Ok, that was bad, wasn't it? Now, ATTENTION STAFF MEMBERS!!!! This is an important message! Even if I already updated anytime, you could update too. Just try to update as often as you can, even if I did already. I mean, updating more brings back more viewers, and it won't break a bone to update.

 Hey There Lil Boyz And gUrLz!
 Sunday, November 26, 2000 - 4:37 PM
BY: DetDragon  
hey, wassap PokeDome people! I am DetDragon, and I am the new ( if not newest ) staff member to .... PokeDome . :) well, as said before, i will be doing interviews with webmasters! and also update, like i am doing now. well, i dont wanna get beat up by wei88, so, ill keep this update short. okiez! so, if your a webmasta then e-mail me or AIM me for a lil chat, and maybe an interview.....anywase, payce~!


 Nintendo Goes Lv. 10 On Websites
 Sunday, November 26, 2000 - 7:02 AM
BY: Mewtwo  
Nintendo sues again!!! This time, not as much as before, but for the same dumb reasons. This time, Nintendo sued a place called for having illegal advertisement on its page. Then it sued and just because it copy Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Geesh, that's just so wrong for them to do that.

Okay, now after we see how Nintendo sued, and how cruel it can get, we must talk something else. As you can see, I got a new staff (Articuno). You can read his message to all of you below. Now, I really need staff to update!!! If you would like to become a news updater, or a gaming expert (like Pyro), or a image maker, or anything, please e-mail me at You could be 100% sure that you will be accepted, since I need tons of staff. And I'm not kidding you. All you have to do is just e-mail me at the above address, and you'll become a staff of Pokemon Dome!!! So e-mail me TODAY!!

 The New Layout
 Friday, November 24, 2000 - 7:56 AM
BY: Mewtwo  
Hey all! As you can all see, the new layout is finally up!!! I hope you like it, and I also hope that this is what you expect. I sure like it. I just can't stand not putting up the new layout. But now, be certain that you'll run into some broken links, because I haven't transfered everything.

New Affiliate!!! It's called Pokemon Network, click here to go. That's it for today.

 Happy Thanksgiving!
 Thursday, November 23, 2000 - 9:17 AM
BY: Mewtwo  
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope you have a nice day today. The new layout is complete at last! But before I could set it up, I must first get all the stuff from the old server to here. My idea of Thanksgiving is to have a day in the year so we can all finish the turkeys. Well, that's not true though. Anyway, the new layout will be up and running in just a few more days, so stay tuned!!!

 Wednesday, November 22, 2000 - 3:06 PM
BY: Pyro 
Finaly Pokčmon Dome is letting me speak. You may remember me as the mysterious "Alexx". Mewtwo has set up a new system, so now I an the other staff members can post news! Please don't try to contact me via e-mail right now, as I'm changing servers. Now for some news. The walkthrough is 99% complete and should be out by Sunday at the most. It will not have a TM, Item, Move, or Pkmn guide. Good day.

 Pikachu Remote Control Car!
 Wednesday, November 22, 2000 - 5:35 AM
BY: Mewtwo  
The "Pikachu Radio Controlled Car" made by Tiger Electronics (retail $30) was selected as one of the top-rated toys for school-age kids in a national survey called "Today's Toy Test 2000."
As reported on the MSNBC web site, thousands of kids tested hundreds of this year's new toys as part of the survey. Toys were sent to 62 childcare centers around the country, where more than 6,500 youngsters (toddler to school age) played with them for four weeks. Teachers and parents rated the toys on a number of factors, including ease of use, fun, play value and long-term attraction. Toys with the highest average scores made the Top Toys list. The Pikachu RC car came in at #8. Look for Pikachu to be cruising around many a Christmas tree by the end of the year!
Source -

Okay, now for some bad news. Really bad. As you can see, I dropped a lot in Pokemon Village Topsites and Pokemon Top 50. For some reason, I'm losing tons of hits!!! So please, I say please, come back everyday. Cause hey, who knows what kinda good news I'll post. And, just remember the new layout, don't ya wanna see that? So just come back often.

 Almost Turkey Day
 Tuesday, November 21, 2000 - 8:41 AM
BY: Mewtwo  
Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) is just two days away, and Farfetch'd is going to be in trouble. The Japanese legend states that if you are lost in the wood, find this duck to eat. You can also season the duck with the onion on its hand. The story is a little "Farfetch'd", get it?

I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving earlier, for I may not be online on Thanksgiving. I'm trying to get all the files from Angelfire (my old host), to Hypermart. But it looks like Angelfire is on it's usual stupid, dumb, maintanence. Which I hate, and that's why I moved to Hypermart. FTP really sucks there!!! Just a little friendly word, Angelfire. I hate you!!!

 Welcome Visitors!!!
 Monday, November 20, 2000 - 4:30 PM
BY: Mewtwo  
Welcome vistitors of Pokemon Dome, the new name for Pokemon Wave. As you can see, we now use the cool NewsPro, and have changed to Hypermart, a good enough host. I haven't changed much yet because I'm doing the new layout. When that's up, the name will change, and everything else will. When it going to be up? I'll tell you when it's up!!! Just kidding, it will be up soon. So come often to see if I have the new layout up. That's all for now. Please bookmark us, and come back for more updates. I'll probably be updating like a maniac these days. My two staff might also be updating these days. See ya!!!