News Archive - October 2005

Prizes Shipped Out To Winners
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Nintendo of America has notified me that the prizes for the Pokemon XD Promotional Contest will be sent out today to the ten winners. It's coming...
By: Mewtwo

XD: Gale of Darkness has been released!
Tuesday, October 4, 2005
Well, it's what we have all been waiting for!
You can get XD at the retail price of $49.99, or you can get the Limited Edition Pokemon XD Bundle for $99.99.

Game Features
- Experience 3D Pokémon action in a full-scale RPG!
- Get to see a wide variety of Shadow Pokémon!
- Reveal the mystery of Shadow Lugia and destroy Cipher's evil plans.
- Master your two-on-two battle skills against Cipher's toughest goons.
- Import Pokémon from your GBA Pokémon games and watch them battle in full 3D.
By: Red530

Winners Have Been Chosen...
Saturday, October 1, 2005
Pokemon Dream's Pokemon XD Promotional Contest is over, and the ten winners have been chosen! These winners have given exceptional responses to the question: "Why are you a Pokemon fan?" These responses are the best of the best, so they are each awarded with a Nintendo GameCube and Pokemon XD game bundle. Some of these fantastic responses will be posted soon. In this contest, over 200 entries were received, but nearly half of them were deleted immediately due to incomplete responses or due to responses with multiple sentences (I asked for one or two sentences, not ten!!). Congratulations to these winners!
By: Mewtwo