News Archive - September 2001

Page Layouts
Posted On: Sunday, September 16, 2001
A few new episodes can be found in the Episode Guide section, which also changed its layout to match the rest of the site. The new guides are all Winforce's! The PPA and PokeDex's layout will match the whole site too, soon. Right now, I'm still working on the PokeDex.

Episode Guides
Posted On: Friday, September 14, 2001
I've added the names of a few new episodes, and can be found in the Episode Guide section.

This is good news! Windforce, the episode guide writer for The PokeMasters is letting PD use his (or is it her?) episode guides! This means that we will get new guides, but TPM will always get them first. Come soon, and new synopsis will be up.

Dark Pokemon Layout
Posted On: Thursday, September 6, 2001
The new layout is up! It's the Dark Pokemon Layout, and I think it looks great! This is the first time in Pokemon Dome history (2 years) where there was a black text background. Now I have a whole bunch of Fan Fics and questions for Ash to put up. After that, I can continue work on the PokeDex. The PokeDex currently has entries on around 30 Pokemon, and is expanding as I add more.

Today, I will talk about one more thing. Pokemon Dome is not a "full" (complete) Pokemon site. In my opinion, a "full" Pokemon site should be something like The PokeMasters; Well, they're too full. When I say full, I mean that there should be a PokeDex, Episode Guide, and any other thing that Pokemon Dome has. The PokeDex, as you know, is under construction. The Episode Guide is almost done. Please help me out by sending a decent episode synopsis to me, thanks. After those two are complete, which won't take long, then I can call Pokemon Dome a complete site. After that, I will be adding new sections, which will make Pokemon Dome even better.

Pokemon Mini
Posted On: Sunday, September 2, 2001
At the Nintendo Show yesterday in London, England, a new Pokemon handheld game was introduced. It's called Pokemon Mini, and looks a lot like Pocket Pikachu. Like the G/S/C upgrade from R/B/Y, a clock is added into this new game. Pokemon Mini can be found in Europe in Spring of 2002. No release dates were set for any other place than Europe.

Now for some news on the Pokemon episodes. If you were watching Kids' WB last Saturday, you'll know that a new episode, Type Casting, about Sudowoodo. Next Saturday, four Pokemon episodes will be aired! Only one of them is new, though. Air Time, at 7:00 (the new one), Wired For Battle! at 7:30, Bound For Trouble at 8:30, and Charizard's Burning Ambitions comes right after that.

Now for some news on the site. Since someone at the message board asked me about putting up a Dark Pokemon layout, then it shall be done. Expect that to be up soon. Also, you can find last months news in the News Archive.