News Reports

News Reports are news and thoughts that are very long (usually). Most of these News Reports are written by me, Mewtwo. You can send in a News Report too! Just e-mail me at . You can find a list of the news reports below, listed by date.

My Life: A Discussion On Pokemon Mewtwo 6/19/04
Old Pokemon Sites Mewtwo 5/14/03
Catch Mew...Without The Codes Mewtwo 4/25/03
Pokemon Heroes Mewtwo 3/20/03
Pokemon Still At It? Mewtwo 12/3/02
Pokemon...Advanced? #2 Mewtwo 12/25/01
Pokemon...Advanced? Mewtwo 8/30/01
Why Some People Hate Pokemon Mewtwo 7/3/01
My Pokemon Story Mewtwo 6/9/01
TotodileMew11's Pokemon Story TotodileMew11 6/9/01
Pokemon Websites Mewtwo 6/9/01