News Reports - Pokemon Heroes

The fifth Pokemon movie has been released in Japan for quite a while. In Japan, it is known as Pokemon 2002. The main movie is called Guardian Spririts of the Water Capital, and the short movie's called Pika-Pika Starlit Sky Camp. It's about the two new legendary Pokemon, Latias and Latios.

It has recently been confirmed by Miramax that it will be called Pokemon Heroes. Of course, the names of the main and short movies are definitely going to change into something else. The short movie may only appear during the DVD release again, just like Pokemon 4Ever. And just like the previous movie, it might go on limited release. The last movie only showed in 249 theaters for a short time, and sold only a bit over a million.

Let's just hope that when this movie is released, it'll do at least half as good as the first movie, which rocked the charts. I still believe Pokemon can one day spring to life again.

By: Mewtwo