News Reports - Old Pokemon Sites

I was thinking about how great it was a few years ago, when everybody liked Pokemon. When people spent a lot of money on cards. When people rushed to the theaters to watch Pokemon. When there were so many great Pokemon websites. Today, there aren't many left, as the popularity of Pokemon fell, and is falling. Below, I have written about former Pokemon sites that turned into ashes.

The PokeMasters Without a doubt, this is the best Pokemon site ever! Yeah, it still exists today, but the content today cannot be compared to what it was a few years ago. Back then, it had the best walkthroughs, cheats and codes, the best PokeDex, a huge message board, and a gigantic gallery of Pokemon pictures. Too bad, they couldn't afford server fees, and went offline for a while. When it got back on, most of the information disappeared.

Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden BulbaGarden, as it was known, still exists today. But today, it has a different webmaster, and only has a message board. It used to have the best Pokemon episode and movie guides on the net. Their layouts were fantastic, and their news, top quality. But one day, the server crashed somehow, and all information was lost. It took months to get a little bit of content back on the website, and went down again. When it came back up again, and old webmaster had lost interest in Pokemon, and the new webmaster took his spot.

Pokemon Crater I never really liked this site that much, but their old layout was nice and clean. It barely had any content compared to other websites, but at one point, it was the most visited Pokemon website. The main reason is probably their online Battle Arena. As time passed, the content of Pokemon Crater slowly went down to nothing except for the Battle Arena. It's still up today, but only with the Battle Arena, and a picture gallery.

Universal Pokemon Network Yeah, a great site. It was one of the best also. So much content, but ended so soon. I don't know how this site ended, but I believe it was problems with Nintendo that forced this site to get shut down. However, while browsing through the net, I came upon a Ultimate Pokemon Network. I'm not sure if it's the same site, but you can all check it out at

Pokemon Dreams No, it's not this website. It was a large website, and that's where I got influenced. This webmaster eventually lost interest too. I must say that he is real lazy (he said it himself), and probably stole a lot of things from other sites. Still, I feel it was a great website.

By: Mewtwo