News Reports - Pokemon Websites

Pokemon Websites. You've seen them everywhere. You search for the word Pokemon, and you get millions of results. In fact, you are looking at one right now, Pokemon Dome! One of the best sites with tons of info you will find. I will be talking about Pokemon sites then and now, and I'm sure that I'll change your views on some of the best sites today.

Before I went to a site called Pokemon Lounge, and Togepi's Home Page (now Poke Crater, and sucks even more than Pokemon Dome has). If you've heard of it, then that's great! Pokemon Lounge had a whole lot of information, and everyday around 10 people signed their guestbook. But soon, the webmaster closed the site, and Pokemon Lounge was gone.

Togepi's Home Page got a free domain from N64 Shooters, The name changed to Togepi's Crater (which made no sense), and then to Poke Crater. It used to be a great site before it got a domain (that's when the webmaster stopped working on it). When I first learned HTML, I got the font idea from this website.

If you haven't heard of those above, you must have heard of tons of other Pokemon Websites. So many closed, and most are good ones. Nowadays, topsites cheaters are everywhere. If there weren't any, Pokemon Dome might be up ten points in every one of PD's topsites! Cheaters, I hate them. They're really not getting that much hits, and they know it too. So why do they? So that their rank in the topsites can be higher (duh!). Below you'll see what I have to say about a few sites of today.

Pokemon Crater - One of my favorites before, and even went to #1 in the topsites! But soon, they started dropping. Why? The webmaster (known as Aaron or Scyther) stopped updating. Their content is well below Pokemon Dome's! Every time they change their layout, they take off information. And so, not only are there no updates, but more stuff are taken down. Before, they had a PokeDex which sucked, HTML guide, Pokemon pictures, and some more stuff. Now all they have is that Battle Arena, Message Board (taken down too), Store, and little info on the Games, Anime, and TCG. Oh yeah, the Fan Section too. But compare that to other big Pokemon Sites. Even Pokemon Dome has more fan submitted stuff than them! Without the Battle Arena and Message Board, Pokemon Crater is nothing. Also, I've seen some 7 year old kids on the Battle Arena in a library. I'm sure most are kids who go there.

BulbaGarden - A great site, I must say, my old favorite. Then one day, it crashed. Everything was wipped off of their server, layout, content, downloads, everything. They had to re-make BulbaGarden. Today, it sucks. I still like it a lot, but I don't know why. I have to say that they have excellent video clips and episode guides, and movie guides too. A huge message board and chat room. And.... uh, what else? That's about all at this time. The webmaster (Chris or Bulbasaur), never really updates the site, only the video clips and episode guides. And to make it sound even worse, they have tons of broken links. Try going around Pokemon Dome, and see if there are any broken links. I'm sure you won't find more than 3.

The PokeMasters - This, people, is the best site ever. A 100% site with all the stuff you can find! This is what I call a great site. Messsage board, walkthroughs, codes, and TCG scans. Tons of Fan Fics and TCG Decks, and a whole lot more. Nothing bad to say about this site.

By: Mewtwo