News Reports - TotodileMew11's Pokemon Story

How did I get into Pokemon? One day I was watching UPN and I saw an ad that they were gonna show Pokemon, I thought it was gonna be pretty stupid, so I didnt stay around to watch it. It was one of the last days of school and my friend Mike starting talking about a Blastoise in his game or something. I just muted him out.

The next day Mike showed me a magazine with Pokemon in it. I asked him, "Which one is pokeeman?"(I didn't know how to pronounce it). He replied, "They all are!" I said, "You mean all their names are pokeeman?! How many are there? 25?" He told me 150. I was really surprised. But I started watching it, my first episode I saw was the giant tentacruel one.

It was early summer and my friend David who lived 3 houses away from me showed me all his Pokemon cards. He came up with lies like that the grass energy was rare----and I believed him. So that day, my mom walked my brother and I to the store 4 blocks away. She got us a starter deck each.

Mid summer I bought a few Jungle packs. There was a much older boy than me named Sean Achtman. I got my first ripoff from him. I traded my holo machamp for a double colorless energy. I had no idea how bad that trade that was. Also I traded my new Wigglytuff for a Japanese Omanyte. My friend David told me that Omanyte wasn't rare, and while he was inside and I was looking at his cards, I traded it back and ran. Now I have the first 151 Pokemon and alot of new 100 ones and a bunch of American Unowns. Oh my friend David's cards got stolen and hes collecting again. I ripped off Sean by trading a Japanese Neo Pichu for a Blastoise, I had doubles.

By: TotodileMew11