News Reports - My Life: A Discussion On Pokemon

Time has really gone so quickly. I still remember the time I began to get into Pokemon. This takes us back to the year 1999...

I guess I got into Pokemon much later than most of my friends. Before, I had no real hobbies, rarely played video games, didn't have a computer, and typed with two fingers at maybe 15 WPM when I occasionally used one. All I had was my family, piles of stories that I wrote for when I was bored, schoolwork, and that all I cared about. Everything changed though, after being introduced to Pokemon and watching my first episode of Pokemon. I was beginning to enjoy something that I really liked. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, unless one needs to put Power Rangers (one thing I liked to watch a very long time ago) into the discussion. My life was changing just because of this one thing: Pokemon.

Soon, I played Pokemon, got a computer, and soon, I became a webmaster who owned a Pokemon website receiving less than 50 visitors a day. I got into Pokemon even more, and continued to work on my website. I still remember the time when PD wasreceiving 100 visitors a day, and I was jumping for joy. It's weird for me to think that I have thought that way, since now getting 3,000 visitors a day might sometimes disappoint me.

Time went on, and I slowly developed my beloved website, and it became better and better. At the same time, however, Pokemon's popularity seemed to drop much faster than my website was growing. Things turned ugly, and one day, none of my friends liked Pokemon anymore. I was alone, a Pokemaniac that no one cared about. But why was I the only person who still liked Pokemon? What set me apart from my friends? I thought about this for a long time, and arrived at a simple conclusion: I had Pokemon Dream.

Well, you ask: "So what if you had a website?" I'll tell you what: The website, this website (Pokemon Dream) kept me working on Pokemon related projects and digging for Pokemon news, even if I didn't play the games, the card game, or watch the show at times. This website was something I cared a lot about and spent a lot of time on. It made me realize something special about Pokemon that even the craziest Pokemon fans couldn't feel. It's a feeling that can't be expressed with words; it's simply a feeling rooted deep in my heart.

It's halfway through 2004 already, and Pokemon's condition with my friends and people around me haven't gotten any better. Whenever people say stupid things about Pokemon, I'm there to defend it. My life has changed much since I got into Pokemon. Now I can design websites, am a total computer freak, begin the play all sorts of games, and record the Pokemon TV show every weekend. My life has changed so much, all thanks to Pokemon.

I had, have, and will always be connected to Pokemon in a special way that ordinary people could not understand.

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By: Mewtwo