News Reports - Why Some People Hate Pokemon

You know it, I know, everyone knows it. Pokemon's popularity is dropping fast. "Pokeemon Sucks." "You D*mn Pokeemon Freak!" When people talk bad about Pokemon, well, they put a hard e on it. Sometimes people call it "Pukemon!" Want to find out why it's starting to suck? Well, just read on.

Mainly, I believe, liking Pokemon is a sort of like a food chain. Just asked yourself, who brought Pokemon to your world? Some of you would answer, "I went to the store and saw it right there, waiting for me to buy it, play it, and get hooked on to it," but most of you would answer, "My friend told me about it." And that's how Pokemon got popular. You tell him, he tells her, she tells them, and they tell everyone. And that's the same way Pokemon is getting unpopular. You tell him (that Pokemon sucks), he tells her, and so on. This is one main reason why Pokemon is droppin'. Below are more reasons, regarding the Games, Anime, and TCG.


You see, many, many people say that the Pokemon RPG games are easy to beat. True, very true. It doesn't take a year to beat that thing. It only takes 20 hours or less to beat G/S/C. But why is it so easy to beat, that's the question. One reason is because you don't need to capture all the Pokemon, which is very difficult. Some people are just masters of this. But some people use strategy guides (or Pokemon Dream's walkthroughs (^_^) ! Strategy Guides, it spoils the game totally! You know what's going to come up, so it's like walking down the street! Still, a lot of people like the games.


...And Ash sees an undiscovered Pokemon flying over the rainbow. Then Ash takes Pikachu to the Pokemon Center. Then it ends. Yep, those were the days. When you watch an episode, you just want to keep on watching. But what now? It's starting to get boring (some people's opinions, definitely not mine). Even with all the new Pokemon here and there, it still is. Why? One reason is that it is way too long. Over 200 episodes has already aired in Japan, and much more is still to come. 200 episodes, and how many Pokemon has Ash captured? Let me see... too less to finish the series in a million years! Also, Team Rocket is a reason that the anime is getting unpopular too. There wasn't a single episode except the first one where Team Rocket did not say their old motto, which, of course, is modified here and there in some episodes. And the movies doesn't have good plots. Still, it is the most watched cartoon.


Wow, Neo's coming out! What, there is a second one? Whoa a number 3. Neo 4! Too much! And then comes the VS sets, who knows how many. There are too many sets, period. Still, people like it.

By: Mewtwo