News Stories - Pokemon Still At It?

After quite a long time, I've decided to type up another News Report regarding the ever changing world of Pokemon. This report is known as Pokemon Still At It? because I've been wondering about that lately. Is Pokemon dead as many people in school say so, or not? Before, you'd be lost if you disliked Pokemon. Now, people think that you're lost if you like it. If you scanned through a group of people, none of them other than you might like Pokemon. But if you really understood those people, well, it's a whole different thing.

"Pokemon is stupid!" That, and quotes even worse than that just brings hatred to me. People who say that come in two forms. Those who used to like Pokemon, and those who never liked it. Is that so? Well, if you think that way, then my opinion is, you're wrong. Would you believe it that even people who likes Pokemon say that? They sure do. They're what I call: Underground Pokemon Lovers. They say that because they believe that no one likes Pokemon anymore, and tries acts cool by saying that. What they don't know is that the person they're talking to might like Pokemon, and that person who's listening to all the "hate Pokemon" stuff starts to say that too. Here's one of my conversations with someone who supposidly does not like Pokemon:

Me: Do you have any Pokemon games?
Person: Yeah, I've got the Red, Yellow, and Gold versions.
Me: Still play 'em?
Person: Yeah, they're cool.
Me: I thought you didn't like Pokemon.
Then that person changes the topic. It's obvious that the person likes Pokemon, but says he doesn't.

After discussing about those weird people who denies what they like, I'm going to begin another topic. If you think Pokemon is not "at it" anymore, then who bought the 600,000 copies of Pokemon Crystal on the first two weeks it came out? I questioned a friend, and he replied: "They're all little kids." Do you agree with that? If you do, then how come some of the "big kids" games didn't sell as well as Pokemon Crystal, and other Pokemon games? That's proves once more that Pokemon's still at it.

One of the biggest topics in the gaming world today is about Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the newest Pokemon games already released in Japan and soon to be released in the United States. When it does hit the states, you're probably going to see it as the best selling game. Hey, it might even get into the Guiness Book of World Records with its brothers and sisters: 5 other Pokemon games that sold more than any other game ever!

Recently, however, Pokemon didn't do so well in theaters. Pokemon 4Ever sold only more than a million dollars, while the first movie sold many millions. One major reason is that Pokemon isn't as hot as before. Another reason is that Pokemon 4Ever was only released in 249 theaters. That's almost nothing. I'm pretty sure the sales would be a lot higher if Miramax put the fourth movie into a few more hundred theaters.

Okay, I think I've ran out of things to say. What I just wrote came popping right out of my head, so don't get frustrated if some of the things doesn't make any sense. Just remember one thing though: The person who sits next to you in class and talks negative stuff about Pokemon, well, they might be a Poke-maniac

By: Mewtwo