News Reports - Pokemon...Advanced? #2

Quite some time ago, I've written a page on the future of Pokemon games. It talked about what new features could be found, and what we all wish for. According to some Pokemon sites, a new Pokemon RPG will be released around 2003, a long time to wait. What possibly can the names be? Well, Red/Blue/Yellow is based just on the colors, Gold/Silver/Crystal are stuff found in the Earth. What next? Maybe Oak/Elm/Olive? Yeah right.

New Pokemon

We already know the three new Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon 2001 (Luriri, Hoeruko, and Kakureon). Now we also know about two new mysterious legendary birds that will be seen when the 5th Pokemon movie comes out. Of course, there'll be more.


Maybe a new feature on the new RPG has to do with weather. For example, if it's raining outside (just imagine seeing rain on your GBA screen), and that lures all the water Pokemon out from the pounds. Or, sandstorms lures ground Pokemon, and when it's hot outside, fire Pokemon takes over. Stuff like that will be real interesting.

Changes in HM Compatibility and Types

Gyarados is Water/Flying, but cannot learn fly. It looks like a dragon, so it should be a Dragon type. In other words, if a new version comes out, Gyarados should be a Dragon type, and not a flying type. It just doesn't make sense. In some cases, there should be three types. Celebi is Grass/Psychic, but it flies. It should be Grass/Psychic/Flying. Lugia is Psychic/Flying, but it lives in the freakin' water! See what I mean?

Well, that should be it. There isn't anymore I can write about...

By: Mewtwo