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Exeggcute Exeggcute #102 - Egg Pokemon

Hear Exeggcute's Cry
types GrassPsychic
gender 50.0% Male50.0% Female
height 1'4" 0.4 m
weight 5.5 lb. 2.5 kg
National: #102 | Johto: #104

Family Family


Egg Groups Steps to Hatch
Plant 5,100

Moves Moves


ChlorophyllDoubles Speed during strong sunlight.

Level-up Moves

1UproarNormalSpecial9010100%Forced to use this move for several turns. Pokemon cannot fall asleep in that time.
1BarrageNormalPhysical152085%Hits 2-5 times in one turn.
1HypnosisPsychicNone--2060%Puts the target to sleep.
7ReflectPsychicNone--20--Reduces damage from physical attacks by half.
11Leech SeedGrassNone--1090%Seeds the target, stealing HP from it every turn.
17Bullet SeedGrassPhysical2530100%Hits 2-5 times in one turn.
19Stun SporeGrassNone--3075%Paralyzes the target.
21PoisonpowderPoisonNone--3575%Poisons the target.
23Sleep PowderGrassNone--1575%Puts the target to sleep.
27ConfusionPsychicSpecial5025100%Has a 10% chance to confuse the target.
33Worry SeedGrassNone--10100%Changes the target's ability to Insomnia.
37Natural GiftNormalPhysical115100%Power and type depend on the held berry.
43SolarbeamGrassSpecial12010100%Requires a turn to charge before attacking.
47ExtrasensoryPsychicSpecial8030100%Has a 10% chance to make the target flinch.
53BestowNormalNone--15--Gives the user's held item to the target.


TM6ToxicPoisonNone--1090%Badly poisons the target, inflicting more damage every turn.
TM10Hidden PowerNormalSpecial115100%Power and type depend upon user's IVs. Power can range from 30 to 70.
TM11Sunny DayFireNone--5--Changes the weather to sunny for five turns.
TM16Light ScreenPsychicNone--30--Reduces damage from special attacks by 50% for five turns..
TM17ProtectNormalNone--10--Prevents any moves from hitting the user this turn.
TM19TelekinesisPsychicNone--15--Moves have 100% accuracy against the target for three turns.
TM21FrustrationNormalPhysical120100%Power increases as happiness decreases, up to a maximum of 102.
TM22SolarbeamGrassSpecial12010100%Requires a turn to charge before attacking.
TM27ReturnNormalPhysical120100%Power increases with happiness, up to a maximum of 102.
TM29PsychicPsychicSpecial9010100%Has a 10% chance to lower the target's Special Defense by one stage.
TM32Double TeamNormalNone--15--Raises the user's evasion by one stage.
TM33ReflectPsychicNone--20--Reduces damage from physical attacks by half.
TM36Sludge BombPoisonSpecial9010100%Has a 30% chance to poison the target.
TM42FacadeNormalPhysical7020100%Power doubles if user is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned.
TM44RestPsychicNone--10--User sleeps for two turns, completely healing itself.
TM45AttractNormalNone--15100%Target falls in love if it has the opposite gender, and has a 50% chance to refuse attacking the user.
TM46ThiefDarkPhysical4010100%Takes the target's item.
TM48RoundNormalSpecial6015100%Has double power if it's used more than once per turn.
TM53Energy BallGrassSpecial8010100%Has a 10% chance to lower the target's Special Defense by one stage.
TM64ExplosionNormalPhysical2505100%User faints.
TM70FlashNormalNone--20100%Lowers the target's accuracy by one stage.
TM75Swords DanceNormalNone--30--Raises the user's Attack by two stages.
TM77Psych UpNormalNone--10--Discards the user's stat changes and copies the target's.
TM85Dream EaterPsychicSpecial10015100%Only works on sleeping Pokemon. Heals the user by half the damage inflicted.
TM86Grass KnotGrassSpecial120100%Inflicts more damage to heavier targets, with a maximum of 120 power.
TM87SwaggerNormalNone--1590%Raises the target's Attack by two stages and confuses the target.
TM90SubstituteNormalNone--10--Transfers 1/4 of the user's max HP into a doll, protecting the user from further damage or status changes until it breaks.
TM92Trick RoomPsychicNone--5--For five turns, slower Pokemon will act before faster Pokemon.
HM4StrengthNormalPhysical8015100%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.

Egg Moves

CurseGhostNone--10--Ghosts pay half their max HP to hurt the target every turn. Others decrease Speed but raise Attack and Defense.
Power SwapPsychicNone--10--User swaps Attack and Special Attack changes with the target.
Lucky ChantNormalNone--30--Prevents the target from scoring critical hits for five turns.
Natural GiftNormalPhysical115100%Power and type depend on the held berry.
BlockNormalNone--5--Prevents the target from leaving battle.
Skill SwapPsychicNone--10--User and target swap abilities.
IngrainGrassNone--20--Prevents the user from leaving battle. User regains 1/16 of its max HP every turn.
Nature PowerNormalNone--20--Uses a move which depends upon the terrain.
AncientpowerRockSpecial605100%Has a 10% chance to raise all of the user's stats by one stage.
MoonlightNormalNone--5--Heals the user by half its max HP. Affected by weather.
SynthesisGrassNone--5--Heals the user by half its max HP. Affected by weather.
Giga DrainGrassSpecial7510100%Heals the user by half the damage inflicted.
Leaf StormGrassSpecial140590%Lowers the user's Special Attack by two stages after inflicting damage.

Stats Stats

at level 100 Base Hindering (90%) Neutral (100%) Beneficial (110%)
230 - 324230 - 324230 - 324
76 - 16185 - 17993 - 196
148 - 233165 - 259181 - 284
Sp. Attack60
112 - 197125 - 219137 - 240
Sp. Defense45
85 - 17095 - 189104 - 207
76 - 16185 - 17993 - 196

Other Stats

Base Experience Max Experience Catch Rate Happiness EV Yields
98 1,250,000 90 70 Defense: 1 point

Damage Taken

Normal 1x
Fighting 0.5x
Flying 2x
Poison 2x
Ground 0.5x
Rock 1x
Bug 4x
Ghost 2x
Steel 1x
Fire 2x
Water 0.5x
Grass 0.5x
Electric 0.5x
Psychic 0.5x
Ice 2x
Dragon 1x
Dark 2x
Fairy 1x

Images Images


Flavor Text Flavortext

Black 2Its six eggs converse using telepathy. They can quickly gather if they become separated.
White 2
DiamondIts six eggs converse using telepathy. They can quickly gather if they become separated.
HeartGoldTheir shells are very durable. Even if they crack, they can survive without spilling their contents.
SoulSilverUsing telepathy only they can employ, they always form a cluster of six EXEGGCUTE.
RubyThis Pokemon consists of six eggs that form a closely knit cluster. The six eggs attract each other and spin around. When cracks increasingly appear on the eggs, EXEGGCUTE is close to evolution.
FireRedEven though it appears to be eggs of some sort, it was discovered to be a life- form more like plant seeds.
LeafGreenIt is often mistaken for eggs. When disturbed, they quickly gather and attack in swarms.
GoldThe shell is very durable. Even if it cracks, it can survive without spilling the contents.
SilverUsing telepathy only they can receive, they always form a cluster of six EXEGGCUTE.
CrystalIf even one is separated from the group, the energy bond between the six will make them rejoin instantly.
RedOften mistaken for eggs. When disturbed, they quickly gather and attack in swarms.
YellowThe heads attract each other and spin around. There must be 6 heads for it to maintain balance.

Other Other

Name Etymology Ex (as in execute) + egg + cute (as in execute)
101 #101 Electrode #103 Exeggutor 103