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Huntail Huntail #367 - Deep Sea Pokemon

Hear Huntail's Cry
type Water
gender 50.0% Male50.0% Female
height 6'7" 1.7 m
weight 59.5 lb. 27.0 kg
National: #367 | Hoenn: #177

Family Family

#366 - Clamperl
#367 - Huntail
Trade withDeepseatooth
#368 - Gorebyss
Trade withDeepseascale


Egg Groups Steps to Hatch
Water 1 5,100

Moves Moves


Swift SwimDoubles Speed during rain.

Level-up Moves

1WhirlpoolWaterSpecial351585%Prevents the target from leaving battle and inflicts 1/16 its max HP in damage for 2-5 turns.
6BiteDarkPhysical6025100%Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
10ScreechNormalNone--4085%Lowers the target's Defense by two stages.
15Water PulseWaterSpecial6020100%Has a 20% chance to confuse the target.
19Scary FaceNormalNone--10100%Lowers the target's Speed by two stages.
24Ice FangIcePhysical651595%Has a 10% chance to freeze the target and a $effect_chance% chance to make the target flinch.
28BrineWaterSpecial6510100%Has double power against Pokemon that have less than half their max HP remaining.
33Baton PassNormalNone--40--Allows the trainer to switch out the user and pass effects along to its replacement.
37DiveWaterPhysical8010100%User dives underwater, dodging all attacks, and hits next turn.
42CrunchDarkPhysical8015100%Has a 20% chance to lower the target's Defense by one stage.
46Aqua TailWaterPhysical901090%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
50Hydro PumpWaterSpecial120580%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.


TM6ToxicPoisonNone--1090%Badly poisons the target, inflicting more damage every turn.
TM7HailIceNone--10--Changes the weather to a hailstorm for five turns.
TM10Hidden PowerNormalSpecial115100%Power and type depend upon user's IVs. Power can range from 30 to 70.
TM13Ice BeamIceSpecial9510100%Has a 10% chance to freeze the target.
TM14BlizzardIceSpecial120570%Has a 10% chance to freeze the target.
TM15Hyper BeamNormalSpecial150590%User foregoes its next turn to recharge.
TM17ProtectNormalNone--10--Prevents any moves from hitting the user this turn.
TM18Rain DanceWaterNone--5--Changes the weather to rain for five turns.
TM21FrustrationNormalPhysical120100%Power increases as happiness decreases, up to a maximum of 102.
TM27ReturnNormalPhysical120100%Power increases with happiness, up to a maximum of 102.
TM32Double TeamNormalNone--15--Raises the user's evasion by one stage.
TM39Rock TombRockPhysical501080%Has a 100% chance to lower the target's Speed by one stage.
TM42FacadeNormalPhysical7020100%Power doubles if user is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned.
TM44RestPsychicNone--10--User sleeps for two turns, completely healing itself.
TM45AttractNormalNone--15100%Target falls in love if it has the opposite gender, and has a 50% chance to refuse attacking the user.
TM48RoundNormalSpecial6015100%Has double power if it's used more than once per turn.
TM55ScaldWaterSpecial8015100%Has a 30% chance to burn the target.
TM68Giga ImpactNormalPhysical150590%User foregoes its next turn to recharge.
TM83InfestationBugSpecial2020100%Prevents the target from fleeing and inflicts damage for 2-5 turns.
TM87SwaggerNormalNone--1590%Raises the target's Attack by two stages and confuses the target.
TM88Sleep TalkNormalNone--10--Randomly uses one of the user's other three moves. Only works if the user is sleeping.
TM90SubstituteNormalNone--10--Transfers 1/4 of the user's max HP into a doll, protecting the user from further damage or status changes until it breaks.
TM100ConfideNormalNone--20--Lowers the target's Special Attack by one stage.
HM3SurfWaterSpecial9515100%Inflicts regular damage and can hit Dive users.
HM5WaterfallWaterPhysical8015100%Has a 20% chance to make the target flinch.

Egg Moves

Body SlamNormalPhysical8515100%Has a 30% chance to paralyze the target.
SupersonicNormalNone--2055%Confuses the target.
Confuse RayGhostNone--10100%Confuses the target.
BarrierPsychicNone--30--Raises the user's Defense by two stages.
EndureNormalNone--10--Prevents the user's HP from lowering below 1 this turn.
RefreshNormalNone--20--Cleanses the user of a burn, paralysis, or poison.
Mud SportGroundNone--15--All damage from Electric moves is halved until the end of the battle.
Muddy WaterWaterSpecial951085%Has a 30% chance to lower the target's accuracy by one stage.
Water PulseWaterSpecial6020100%Has a 20% chance to confuse the target.
BrineWaterSpecial6510100%Has double power against Pokemon that have less than half their max HP remaining.
Aqua RingWaterNone--20--Restores 1/16 of the user's max HP each turn.

Stats Stats

at level 100 Base Hindering (90%) Neutral (100%) Beneficial (110%)
220 - 314220 - 314220 - 314
191 - 276213 - 307234 - 337
193 - 278215 - 309236 - 339
Sp. Attack94
173 - 258193 - 287212 - 315
Sp. Defense75
139 - 224155 - 249170 - 273
98 - 182109 - 203119 - 223

Other Stats

Base Experience Max Experience Catch Rate Happiness EV Yields
178 600,000 60 70 Attack: 1 point
Defense: 1 point

Damage Taken

Normal 1x
Fighting 1x
Flying 1x
Poison 1x
Ground 1x
Rock 1x
Bug 1x
Ghost 1x
Steel 0.5x
Fire 0.5x
Water 0.5x
Grass 2x
Electric 2x
Psychic 1x
Ice 0.5x
Dragon 1x
Dark 1x
Fairy 1x

Images Images


Flavor Text Flavortext

Black 2It lives deep in the sea. With a tail shaped like a small fish, it attracts unsuspecting prey.
White 2
HeartGoldIt lives deep in the pitch-dark sea. It attracts prey by moving its tail in mimicry of a small animal.
RubyHUNTAIL's presence went unnoticed by people for a long time because it lives at extreme depths in the sea. This Pokemon's eyes can see clearly even in the murky dark depths of the ocean.
SapphireHUNTAIL's tail is shaped like a fish. It uses the tail to attract prey, then swallows the prey whole with its large, gaping mouth. This Pokemon swims by wiggling its slender body like a snake.
EmeraldTo withstand the crushing pressure of water deep under the sea, its spine is very thick and sturdy. Its tail, which is shaped like a small fish, has eyes that light up.
FireRedIt lives deep in the sea where no light ever filters down. It lights up its small fishlike tail to attract prey.

Other Other

Name Etymology Hunt + tail
366 #366 Clamperl #368 Gorebyss 368