Character Bios - Ash


Gender: Male
Age: 10
Hometown: Pallet Town
Voice Actor: Veronica Taylor (US), Rika Matsumoto (JP)
Japanese Name: Satoshi
Dreams of Becoming: Pokemon Master
Favorite Quote: "Yeah, we did it!"

Ash Ketchum hails from the small village known as Pallet Town. When he turned 10, he got his Trainer's License from Professor Samuel Oak, one of the planet's top Pokemon researchers. Pikachu, Ash's first Pokemon, was also given to him on the same day.

Ash is the type person who steps into things without thinking. He has a lot of courage and enthusiasm, but that can sometimes cloud his common sense. However, the way he trains is no different. He understands that the bond between humans and Pokemon is very important, and they should be treated as equals, not living objects.

Soon after he started his journey, Ash met up with Misty, a girl from Cerulean City who specializes in Water type Pokemon. Later, Brock, the Pewter City Gym Leader, joined Ash on his quest as well.