Character Bios - Brock


Gender: Male
Age: 13 (?)
Hometown: Pewter City
Voice Actor: Eric Stuart (US), Yuuji Ueda (JP)
Japanese Name: Takeshi
Dreams of Becoming: Pokemon Breeder
Favorite Quote: "Wow, she's cute"

Having the potential to become a great Pokemon Breeder, Brock is a very determined person who won't let anything stand in his way. However, he dislikes battles, and instead wants to become the greatest breeder there ever was. Naturally, Brock has excellent communication skills with both wild and tame Pokemon, and treats them all with the love and respect they deserve.

Brock is the oldest member of his ten brothers and sisters. His father, Flint, left to become a Pokemon Trainer, leaving Brock in charge of both the household and Pewter City Gym. Years later, Flint came back to Pewter City to take care of his family, allowing Brock to pursue his goal along with Ash and Misty.

Before Ash was able to start his journey in the Orange League, Brock decided to stay with Professor Ivy and her assistants on Valencia Island. He returned after some bad experiences and joined Ash once again to guide him through the Johto League. Remember, do NOT mention Professor Ivy in his presence.