Character Bios - Misty


Gender: Female
Age: 11
Hometown: Cerulean City
Voice Actor: Rachael Lillis (US), Mayumi Iizuka (JP)
Japanese Name: Kasumi
Dreams of Becoming: Water Pokemon Master
Favorite Quote: "You better pay for that bike, Ash Ketchum!"

Sister to the owners of the Cerulean City Gym, Misty is not the type of person you would want to mess with. She has a deep passion for marine Pokemon, and her goal is to be the world's greatest Water type trainer. When she was young, Misty received nothing but hand-me-downs and broken toys from her sisters Lily, Violet, and Daisy. As she got older she became interested in Pokemon and eventually left her hometown of Cerulean City to begin her quest.

Misty met Ash while fishing for Pokemon in the outskirts of Pallet Town. Their adventures have led them through the Indigo, Orange, and now Johto leagues. She also travels with a Togepi, who considers her as its mother.

Misty has a crush on Ash, but she has yet to reveal her true feelings for him. Perhaps if she gathers enough confidence in herself, Misty can finally do what she has kept in secret for so long.