Character Bios - Other Characters

Ash's Mom Delia Ketchum (Ash's Mom)

Gender: Female
Age: ???
Hometown: Pallet Town
Voice Actor: Veronica Taylor (US), Masami Toyoshima (JP)
Japanese Name: Hanako (also Satoshi no mama)
Favorite Quote: "Ash, make sure you change your underwear everyday!"

She is nice. She is kind. She can cook. She can clean. She sometimes can get mean. She is also known as Delia. Who is she? It's Ash's mother! She cares a lot about Ash, because Ash is the whole world to her. She lives in Pallet Town with a Mr. Mime, who helps her manage the housework.

Professor Oak Professor Samuel Oak

Gender: Male
Age: Very old
Hometown: Pallet Town
Voice Actor: Stan Hart (US), Unshou Ishizuka (JP)
Japanese Name: Okido-Hakase
Favorite Quote: NA

Professor Oak, aka Samuel, is a leading authority in Pokemon who has been studying Pokemon for many, many years. His lab is located in Pallet Town. The lab is filled with Pokemon, and he does research everyday. He never gets bored because there's always something to do, and simply because he loves Pokemon. He gave Ash his first Pokemon, a Pikachu.

Gary Gary Oak

Gender: Male
Age: 10
Hometown: Pallet Town
Voice Actor: Matt Mitler (US), Yuuko Kobayashi (JP)
Japanese Name: Shigeru
Favorite Quote: NA

Gary is Ash's biggest rival. He's Professor Oaks grandson, and he's also a rival that Ash will never catch up to. Gary has a load of big and powerful Pokemon. He doesn't view Pokemon as his friends like Ash does, however, he still loves his Pokemon.