Character Bios - Team Rocket


Team Rocket is a group of three. They are Jessie, James, and Meowth. They say their motto in every single episode, and are Pokemon theives. Their current goal is to catch Pikachu, and bring it to their boss, Giovanni. In Japan, they are known as Rocketto Dan, or Rocket Group.

Sure, they may be theives, but they still have a heart. Jessie always wants her face to be perfect, James has a bottle cap collection, and Meowth cares about his charm. Many episodes show that Team Rocket are good hearted theives.


Gender: Female
Age: ?
Hometown: Sunny Town
Voice Actor: Rachael Lillis (US), Megumi Hayashibara (JP)
Japanese Name: Musashi
Occupation: Pokemon Theif
Favorite Quote: "You've damaged my perfection!"

Jessie is a loyal member of Team Rocket. Accompanied by her partners James and Meowth, her one goal is to capture Pikachu and defeat her rival Cassidy. Before she joined Team Rocket, Jessie’s ambition was to become a Pokemon Nurse. However, after she realized that she was never cut out to be one, Jessie left and joined the bike gang in Sunny Town. There, she met James. They both attended Pokemon Tech together where they eventually flunked out.

Jessie’s rocky past has led her down the dark path of joining the greatest criminal organization in the Pokemon World, but deep inside that rough exterior still lies the heart of a kind and caring woman.


Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hometown: Sunny Town
Voice Actor: Eric Stuart (US), Shinichirou Miki (JP)
Japanese Name: Kojiro
Occupation: Pokemon Theif
Favorite Quote: "Ooo! That hurts!"

James is a member of Team Rocket, with Meowth and Jessie. His goal is to catch Pikachu and as many other Pokemon to please the Boss. James is from a very rich family who wanted him to marry Jessibelle, who was always correcting him or trying to change him. He got fed up with her and his family and ran away. He then flunked out of the PokeTech School and joined up with a bike gang, then later, Team Rocket.

James is very loyal to Team Rocket. He will do (and does) anything to catch a Pokemon for the Boss, from cross dressing to enduring some serious pain and griping. He is a guy who does what he's told: Jessie tends to boss him around.


Gender: Male
Age: ?
Hometown: ?
Voice Actor: Madeleine Blaustein (US), Inuko Inuyama (JP)
Japanese Name: Nyaasu
Occupation: Pokemon Theif
Favorite Quote: "Meeeeowth! That's right!"

Meowth is a cute little creature with an evil mind. The one thing different from other Meowths is that he can talk! Sometimes though, Meowth can be a little soft hearted.

His life started out as a lonely cat in Japan. Once he saw an American movie, and he wished that he can go to America, where there is ice cream and fried chicken. He got to Hollywood, where he met a group of other Meowths, and also a cute little girl Meowth, Meowsie.

Meowth really liked Meowsie, so he decided to talk human language. Finally, Meowth stood on two legs and talked human, but was still rejected by Meowsie. Meowth's first word was Rocket, and that's how he joined up with TR.