Character Bios - Tracey


Gender: Male
Age: ?
Hometown: Somewhere in the Orange Islands
Voice Actor: Ted Lewis (US), Tomokazu Seki (JP)
Japanese Name: Kenji
Dreams of Becoming: Pokemon Watcher
Favorite Quote: "I've gotta make a sketch of this!"

Tracey is a Pokemon artist who loves to draw Pokemon. His sketchbook is always ready to make a sketch of anything he sees. Why does he draw Pokemon? Well, his dream is to become a the greatest Pokemon Watcher.

Ash and Misty met this nice fellow in the Orange Islands, after Brock left. He constantly draws Pokemon, and keeps it in many sketchbooks of his. His goal was to present them to Professor Oak, which Ash knows, and have him evaluate his art. After many exciting adventures in the Orange Islands, Tracey finally gets to meet Professor Oak, who thinks his art is pretty good. He is currently staying with Professor Oak, taking care of Ash's Pokemon.