Episode Guide - Pokemon Advanced

Total Episodes: 40
Description: Ash, Brock, May, and Max explore the world of Hoenn, meeting never seen before Pokemon and fighting new trainers.

273 Get The Show On The Road
274 A Ruin With A View
275 There's No Place Like Hoenn
276 You Never Can Taillow
277 In the Knicker of Time
278 A Poached Ego!
279 Tree's A Crowd
280 A Tail with a Twist
281 Taming of the Shroomish
282 You Said a Mouthful
283 A Bite to Remember
284 The Lotad Lowdown
285 All Things Bright and Beautifly!
286 All In a Day's Wurmple
287 Gonna Rule the School!
288 Winner by a Nosepass
289 Stairway to Devon
290 On A Wingull and A Prayer!
291 Sharpedo Attack!
292 Brave The Wave
293 Which Wurmple's Which?
294 A Hole Lotta Trouble
295 Gone Corphishin'
296 A Corphish Out of Water
297 A Mudkip Mission!
298 Turning Over a Nuzleaf!
299 A Three Team Scheme
300 Seeing is Believing
301 Ready, Willing and Sableye
302 A Meditite Fight
303 Just One of the Geysers
304 Abandon Ship!
305 Now That's Flower Power
306 Having a Wailord of a Time
307 Win, Lose or Drew!
308 The Spheal of Approval
309 Jump For Joy!
310 A Different Kind of Misty
311 A PokeBlock Party
312 Watt's With Wattson?