Episode #274 - A Ruin with a View

Ash and his new friend May are on their way to Oldale Town where he can register for the Houen League. On the path they encounter an Azurill, the pre-evolved form of Marill. May tries to catch it with a PokeBall, but it doesn't work. Ash tells her that she has to battle it first, so she releases her Torchic. However Torchic doesn't obey her and quickly gets into trouble. The Azurill's family appears and attacks Torchic, hurting it badly. Pikachu easily scares away the three water Pokemon, and the two friends set out for a Pokemon Centre.

Further down the road they arrive at some ruins. A man introduces himself as Professor Olive and tells them he's studying these ruins. He gives them directions to the Pokemon Centre, where Nurse Joy cares for Torchic. Ash calls Professor Oak, and May is excited that Ash knows him, because she's a big fan of Prof. Oak's radio shows.

Team Rocket is outside, talking to the Boss on the telephone. He isn't pleased that they've caught no Pokemon, but tells them that since they're the only Rocket agents in Houen, he expects them to form an operation and gather recruits.

Ash shows May around the Centre. He overhears a trainer talking about the new Petalburg Gym leader, but May drags him away before he can find out anything else.

Meanwhile Team Rocket is digging a tunnel under the Centre. James and Meowth slack off but Jessie keeps their attention by reminding them that the Boss expects a good performance.

The kids have dinner with Prof. Olive and he tells them a legend that a chamber in the ruins leads to a place where Ancient Pokemon can be found. However nobody has been able to get into the chamber because the rocks are very fragile. He has a stone tablet that's engraved with the instructions on how to get in, but he's missing the four keys.

Suddenly, the power to the Centre shuts off and five hooded people come in with Houndoom. Nurse Joy and the kids are locked in a room and the gang forces Prof. Olive to take them to the ruins. Luckily, Ash and Pikachu find an air shaft that they can crawl through to reach the lobby and find the spare keys.

Team Rocket's tunnel breaks the surface but they've missed the Centre wall by a few feet. They are spotted by the gang and they try to battle, but their Pokemon are terrified by the Houndoom and refuse to fight. Embarrassed, they slink away.

Nurse Joy activates the reserve power for the Centre, while Ash and May head for the ruins. The gang already has the "keys" to the chamber, which are four gemstones. They threaten Prof. Olive and he has no choice but to show them what order they go in. The door opens! Ancient drawings inside show that humans and Pokemon lived together in harmony, but this isn't what the gang was looking for. After taking photos of the chamber, they leave in a helicopter.

Ash and May get there and see the helicopter go. The Prof. is okay, but now Team Rocket has grabbed the gems! Ash battles them, retrieves the gems and sends them blasting off.

The sun rises, and the light activates a hidden door in the floor of the chamber. The kids and professor descend the stairs and find a large underground lake populated by Ancient Pokemon called Relicanth!

Later, May gets her Torchic back from Nurse Joy in good health. Officer Jenny has been investigating the gang but has no clues yet. Prof. Olive says that his research has been fascinating and there are still many secrets to uncover. Ash and May prepare to leave, and Ash looks forward to his first Gym battle in Petalburg.

By: Audrey