Episode #276 - You Never Can Taillow

Ash and his new friends Max and May are walking through Petalburg Forest. Max complains that they haven't seen any Pokemon, and May is hungry. Ash decides to stop and have lunch, but they discover that they have no food! Each thought the other had taken care of the food. Ash wishes that Brock was with them.

Team Rocket watches from nearby. Meowth has a plan to catch Pikachu but Jessie and James are eating and don't want to be bothered.

The kids wonder how they'll get some food. Max has a chocolate cookie left, and they are about to share it when a Pokemon swoops down and grabs it! It's a Taillow, which are known to be fierce and travel in flocks.

After a short chase, the Taillow eats the chocolate, but Ash notices that the nearby trees are full of fruit. Pikachu attempts to get some of the fruit down with a Thunderbolt, but this disturbs an entire flock of Taillow, which attacks. Ash and Pikachu valiantly try to keep the angry Taillow away, but they refuse to give in, even after many electrical hits.

Team Rocket witnesses everything and is impressed. They'll catch all the Taillow first, then use them to get Pikachu.

Things are looking grim for our heroes. As the flock moves in once more, a familiar voice yells out and the Taillow are dispersed by an Explosion attack from Forretress. Brock has arrived! Ash asks him if he went home and Brock replies that everything was fine so he came back out to look for them. Introductions are made and May asks about his cooking. He checks his backpack for some sandwiches but they are gone!

May theorizes that the Taillow stole the sandwiches. Brock knows that Taillow are very territorial and other Pokemon hide from them, which explains why Max didn't see any Pokemon earlier. Then Brock decides to forage and get ingredients for a stew. Meanwhile, Team Rocket calls down the flock of Taillow and bribes them with some sandwiches so they'll do what they ask.

The stew is almost ready when the leader of the flock appears and challenges Pikachu. Ash accepts and the battle begins. Pikachu damages the Taillow badly but it still keeps going, and Brock says the only way to end this is to capture it. After making the capture, Ash lets the Taillow out and welcomes it to the group.

The rest of the flock flies in and Team Rocket shows up. They claim the Taillow are on their side, thanks to a few snacks they picked up (from Brock's pack). May releases her Torchic, hoping to battle, but it doesn't listen to her commands, so she recalls it in embarrassment. An alarm goes off: the stew is ready! Brock invites all the Taillow to share, and they abandon Team Rocket. Pikachu sends the evildoers blasting off, and everyone enjoys lunch.

Later, Ash's new Taillow says goodbye to its friends and the flock leaves. Our heroes head onward toward Rustboro City.

By: Audrey