Episode #280 - A Tail With A Twist

Our heroes have stopped for lunch, and Brock's cooking is on the menu. They all let their Pokemon out, but Ash's Treecko is nervous around the other Pokemon and climbs a tree. May's Torchic runs around with an apple as everyone eats. Suddenly something emerges from the bushes! A large black snake Pokemon appears and threatens Torchic, but Treecko hops down from the tree to defend it.

The commotion brings the kids running, and Ash's Pokedex identifies the Pokemon as a Seviper. All the other Pokemon rush to help, but Seviper's Haze attack blinds them. Treecko climbs up a tree until it can see, then hits Seviper hard, which gives Torchic the chance to run back to May. Now the Seviper is angry, and it slams Treecko into a tree, hurting it badly. The rest of the Pokemon drive the Seviper away, and the kids hurry to a nearby Pokemon Centre.

Team Rocket is impressed with the Seviper's power and decide to catch it. They try several traps but the Seviper is too smart and strong to be captured that easily. Later they discuss more plans over lunch, but they argue over the last rice cake and it falls into a stream. Jessie has another rice cake hidden, but before she can eat it, the Seviper arrives and steals it from her!

Jessie angrily challenges Seviper to a battle, but Wobbuffet is only effective when attacked first, and Meowth is defeated with one slap of Seviper's tail. Things look bad, but then Seviper chomps Jessie's hair, and she goes ballistic. She attacks it herself and knocks it out, then makes the capture!

Meanwhile, Treekco is recovering at the Pokemon Centre. Nurse Joy tells Ash that it needs to rest some more before it can travel. An agitated Chansey runs up, and indicates that Treecko has left its room! Everyone runs outside only to find Treecko's discarded bandages, and the kids continue out into the forest to search.

Soon Max hears something, and they discover a clearing with a waterfall and pool. Treecko leaps from the top of the waterfall and tries to break a rock at the bottom with its tail. Brock says it's forcing itself to train because it's upset at losing to Seviper. They watch as Treecko continues its workout, hurting itself more in the process, until finally it succeeds in breaking the rock!

Ash hurries from the bushes to congratulate his Pokemon, but Pikachu is snatched by a robotic arm. It's Team Rocket, and they have Pikachu in an electric-proof container! Ash sends Taillow to deal with Cacnea, but Treecko is determined to battle Seviper. The two Pokemon are evenly matched but thanks to its new moves, Treecko soon defeats Seviper. The snake Pokemon is flung into Jessie and James, who drop Pikachu's container and it opens.

Now that Treecko has had its revenge, Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off. Ash congratulates Treecko on a job well done and welcomes it as part of the team.

By: Audrey