Episode #282 - You Said A Mouthful

Our heroes arrive in a town, and spot a sign advertising a gym with the world's most powerful Pokemon. When they go to the gym, a young trainer exits, looking upset and saying that the Pokemon inside isn't normal. The kids go in and Ash calls out a challenge. A muscular man named Anthony comes in with a Pelipper. This gym is not an official one, but he doesn't need to give badges anyway because his Pelipper never loses. However Ash is not deterred by this.

The match begins ordinarily, but it takes a surprising turn when Pelipper uses Vine Whip to defeat Ash's Treecko! Max says it's impossible for a Pelipper to use that move. Next up is Taillow, but it's brought down when Pelipper uses Flamethrower! Finally Pikachu is on. Both Pokemon use Thunder and knock each other out. Anthony leaves in a huff, and the kids hurry to the Pokemon Centre.

Team Rocket has been watching, and makes a plan to use Pelipper to catch Pikachu. They fly down in their balloon and challenge Anthony, who sends his Pelipper to attack with Vine Whip. A robot hand grabs Pelipper, and a Bellsprout, Magby, and Magnemite tumble out of its mouth. The secret is out! Team Rocket commends Anthony on his trick but unless he wants to have everyone hear about this, he'll have to do as they say.

At the Pokemon Centre, Nurse Joy heals up Ash's Pokemon. In the lobby, a group of upset trainers say that they all lost to "the world's most powerful Pokemon" and had their own Pokemon taken away. Brock doesn't think Anthony would do something like this.

Two announcers at the gym are challenging trainers to battle, but they have to hand over their Pokemon if they lose. Meowth warns Jessie and James that the twerps are coming, but they see an opportunity to finally get Pikachu. Jessie puts half a dozen PokeBalls in Pelipper's mouth, along with Meowth to direct things.

Ash calls Anthony but Pelipper and the two announcers show up instead and the battle begins. While everyone is focused on the match, Max sneaks inside the gym building to see what's going on. He finds Anthony tied up in a room and sets him free.

When the two announcers see Anthony they get worried that he'll tell on them and yell to Pelipper to finish quickly. Meowth comes up with a strategy to weaken Pikachu and tells Pelipper to do Water Gun, but it spits in the wrong direction! The annoucers are soaked and their disguises wash off to reveal Jessie and James. To make things worse Pelipper's mouth overflows, and Meowth and the other Pokemon fall out. Anthony says that he was forced to do everything and apologises.

Team Rocket attempts to escape in their balloon, but Pelipper cuts down the bag of stolen PokeBalls and helps Pikachu send them blasting off. The gang congratulates Anthony on being a good team player and encourages him to train hard with Pelipper.

By: Audrey