Episode #283 - The Lotad Lowdown

The gang is swimming in a lake when they find themselves surrounded by many Pokemon called Lotad. Once on shore, the Lotad form a semicircle and make a fountain using Water Gun. One little Lotad can't seem to make its Water Gun go high enough, though. Then a young redheaded girl shows up and scolds them for disturbing the Lotad.

Team Rocket is lost in the woods, tired and thirsty. James collapses, but notices a red knobby fruit growing on a tree. Jessie and Meowth fight over it and each manage to get a bite. Unfortunately the fruit is red-chili-pepper hot!

The girl, Natalie, brings the gang to her house, where she helps her older sister Nicole run a flower shop. Brock flirts with Nicole, and she invites them all to lunch. Another sister, Rita, comes in saying that the water pipes have sprung a leak again. Brock flirts with her too, and Natalie gets jealous. Looks like Natalie has a crush on him.

After lunch, the kids let out their Pokemon to relax while they see the sisters' garden. Ash notices a red knobby fruit but Nicole warns him that it's very hot. They grow many types of berries here because each has a different effect on Pokemon. Brock mentions that he wants to be a Pokemon breeder, and Natalie says she'll make him a list of all the berries and the effects that they have.

Rita returns and says the pipes are old and ought to be replaced. She's accompanied by the Lotad, who carry water on their leaf-shaped backs and pour it onto the plants. Max comments that Lotad usually don't use Water Gun, but Nicole says these are special. The kids all volunteer to stay a while and help out.

Team Rocket is drinking from the lake, and spot the kids on the other side with the Lotad. Another capture plan is in the works.

Back at the garden, the watering is held up by the little Lotad who doesn't know what to do. With a little encouragement from Brock, it pours the water onto the plants. Nicole notes that Brock cares about Pokemon very much, and Natalie is impressed.

As they all thank the Lotad for their help, Rita brings a note from Natalie that says she has gone to look for citrus berries. Brock realises that she's doing it for him and insists that they find her. Ash and Rita join him and they search the forest until past nightfall.

Natalie finds a citrus berry plant and picks one, but gets startled by something in the bushes and she screams. The others hear her and find her being attacked by a Beedrill! Brock's Forretress drives the Beedrill away, and she apologises to them all for worrying them before handing Brock the berry. Then Pikachu hears something at the lake.

Team Rocket is there, using a special boat to scoop up the Lotad! Pikachu hops on the little Lotad's back and they race out on the water. As Pikachu leaps on board the boat, the Lotad blows a hole in the boat with its Water Gun, freeing the other Lotad. Then Team Rocket is sent blasting off with a Thunderbolt.

In the morning, Natalie gives Brock a list of the berries as the kids prepare to depart. The little Lotad walks up to Brock, it seems it wants to travel with him. Our heroes have a new friend, and Rustboro City awaits them just ahead.

By: Audrey