Episode #286 - All In a Day's Wurmple

Our heroes are walking through the forest when a Wurmple drops out of a tree and startles May. When Brock tells her that it evolves into a Beautifly, she decides to catch it so she can enter contests like their friend Janet. She chases it into the woods while Brock and the others set up lunch.

Team Rocket is watching, and Jessie wants a Wurmple too so she can evolve it into a Beautifly and win contests. Meowth suggests that they catch a bunch for the boss.

As May searches for the Wurmple she gets distracted by some dancing Bellossom. Jessie meanwhile becomes frustrated and starts kicking trees which attracts a swarm of Beedrill! Team Rocket runs in May's direction and she's forced to run from the Beedrill also. They all fall down a hill but May chases after a Wurmple before Team Rocket can grab her.

May and Jessie battle over the Wurmple, but when James joins in, Team Rocket's Pokemon are knocked back by a Heracross. A brown-haired boy says that they're not being fair before his Heracross sends them blasting off. He introduces himself as Franklin and volunteers to help May find the Wurmple.

Back at camp, Brock is fixing a stew while Ash and Pikachu practise the Iron Tail move. A boy arrives and tells Ash he's impressed with Pikachu's power and asks for a battle. Ash accepts and the boy says his name is Franklin. (He looks the same as the boy with May except he has a red collar instead of a blue one.)

May and Franklin continue their search and May learns that he is one of the area rangers. He notes that she's very independent.

Ash and Franklin are preparing to battle when Franklin suggests a double battle in which they use two Pokemon at the same time. He uses a Yanma and Ariados while Ash chooses Treecko and Pikachu. This type of match is tough for Ash, because Franklin has his Pokemon combine their attacks. He quickly gets the hang of it, and ends up defeating both of Franklin's Pokemon. Franklin congratulates him on a good battle and Brock invites everyone to lunch.

May and Franklin sit down for a snack of berries. He says she has inspired him and now he wants to travel with his Pokemon too. Then they spot a Wurmple, so May battles it with Torchic and captures it! Suddenly her PokeBall is snatched away by a robot arm: it's Team Rocket in their balloon. Franklin has his Heracross bring down the balloon, and May retrieves her Wurmple. Although Team Rocket is still in fighting form, May battles them with Torchic and Wurmple. She defeats their Pokemon so Franklin's Heracross can send them blasting off again.

Soon May and her friend rejoin the others. It turns out that the two Franklins are twin brothers, one goes by the name of Forrest (blue collar) and the other by Forester (red collar). They all sit down for lunch, but when May lets out her Wurmple it eats all their food and falls asleep.

Team Rocket is hanging from a limb over a chasm. Jessie sees a Wurmple on the end of the branch and captures it. However when she crawls over to get the PokeBall, Wobbuffet comes out and its extra weight breaks the branch and they all fall.

By: Audrey