Episode #288 - Winner by a Nosepass

Ash and Pikachu work on their new Iron Tail move while the others have breakfast. May admits that she doesn't want to do the Gym battles, but rather she wants to become a Pokemon Coordinator like their friend Janet. At the beginning she really wanted to travel, but journeying with them has helped her appreciate Pokemon more.

Team Rocket finds out from a book that Roxanne is the Rustboro City Gym leader. They plan to steal her Pokemon and humiliate her. Disguised as contruction workers, they start to dig a tunnel.

Our heroes arrive at the Gym, and Ash challenges Roxanne. She asks his permission to videotape the battle for her students. The battle field is filled with boulders, making things more difficult. This match will be two on two, with Ash allowed to make substitutions. Roxanne's first choice is Geodude, which Ash expected, and he selects Treecko. Despite some clever moves and Treecko's determination, it gets knocked out fairly quickly. Next Ash brings up Pikachu, whose first attack completely flattens the field.

Meanwhile Team Rocket is still digging their tunnel. The plan is to dig underneath the Gym floor, pop out and steal any Pokemon, then escape before anyone knows what happened.

Roxanne's Geodude is still going strong, but its Rollout attack is hampered by the now-soft field left from Pikachu's lightning. This provides Ash with the perfect chance to knock it out. Roxanne's second Pokemon is another Rock type called Nosepass. Pikachu uses his Iron Tail to good effect but Roxanne goes on the offensive and her Pokemon seals Pikachu in a rocky trap. Pikachu blasts himself loose but by this time he's exhausted!

Trying to buy time, Ash has Pikachu run around the field in an attempt to confuse Nosepass. He tries Iron Tail again but it doesn't work! Brock says he needs to wait until Pikachu can build up enough energy. Nosepass lets loose a Thunderwave attack just as James breaks through the Gym floor with his shovel. The metal shovel transfers the attack onto them, and they are blasted back out through their tunnel.

Although Roxanne seems to have the advantage, Ash is confident. The next time Nosepass uses its Thunderwave, he has Pikachu absorb it and throw it right back! Nosepass is paralyzed, and one more Iron Tail is enough to finish the match. Everyone is surprised.

Later, Roxanne tells Ash that she was very impressed, she had never been beaten by an Electric type before. Congratulating him, she awards him with the Stone Badge.

By: Audrey