Episode #289 - Stairway to Devon

Now that Ash has won his first badge, he's eager to get to the next Gym on Dewford Island. As our heroes wait for the ferry, Max spills his drink on the Pokemon Navigator and shorts it out. He excuses himself and runs off before anyone notices.

Out in the street, he comes across a crowd of kids in front of a large building called Devon Corporation, where a white-haired man is showing off an invention. He tells Max that he can get his PokeNav fixed at Devon Corp, but runs away when a dark-suited man finds him.

At the local Pokemon Centre Ash reports his progress to Professor Oak. Brock is concerned that Max isn't back yet, but May isn't worried.

Max goes into Devon Corp, only to be told that they don't do repairs here at corporate HQ. When he spots Officer Jenny come in with the white-haired man and the dark-suit man, he hides behind a pillar to listen. Jenny warns of a plot to infiltrate the company and suggests they increase security.

Suddenly Max is pulled into a hallway by the white-haired man, who sees what's wrong with the PokeNav right away. He leads Max to a lab, where the staff refer to him as "Mr. President". His whimsical streak tends to get him into trouble with his assistant, Kennedy, but he likes to get out of the office and talk to kids because they inspire him.

Max admits that he's afraid of May sometimes and wants to prove that he can handle himself. The President sympathizes and takes him on a tour of the company. One of the machines they are working on will analyze fossilized Pokemon DNA and regrow it into a live specimen. They will be able to bring back extinct Pokemon this way.

Team Rocket is outside, planning to get in despite the high security. They disguise themselves in lab coats and walk inside.

As the President and Max are talking, someone steals two capsules of Pokemon DNA from the machine. The Pres gets suspicious, he knows the faces of all his staff but doesn't recognize this guy. They follow him to see what he's up to.

Jessie and James try to bluff their way past the guards, but are busted when Officer Jenny demands that they show their ID cards.

Meanwhile, Kennedy has found the other kids and brought them to Devon Corp. He says that the President has taken a liking to Max because he reminds him of his own son who's also a Pokemon trainer. When they reach the lab, the staff informs him that two of the DNA capsules are missing.

Max and the Pres continue to chase the suspect, and the President phones Kennedy and arranges to corner the suspect on the roof. The plan works: the thief is trapped on the roof with Max and the President on one side, and Kennedy and the kids on the other. However he tries to battle his way out with a Pokemon called Crawdaunt.

Team Rocket fails to persuade Officer Jenny that this is a misunderstanding. She chases them when they try to sneak out, and they end up on the roof as well. The suspect mows everyone down with Crawdaunt's Bubble Beam and attempts to escape on a motorized glider. Team Rocket realizes that he must have stolen something valuable, and grab onto him as he flies away. The weight is too much for the glider and it malfunctions!

Meowth grabs the capsules and drops them just as quickly as he realizes they're going to crash! Max catches the capsules in the nick of time as Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off. The suspect manages to restart his glider and gets away. Officer Jenny says he must have been a member of Team Aqua, one of two organizations known to cause trouble in the Hoenn Region.

Later, a police search is set up, but all they find is a lab coat and the crashed glider. The President takes the kids to dinner as a thank-you present, and slips the repaired PokeNav back to Max so he can return it to May.

By: Audrey