Episode #291 - Sharpedo Attack!

Our heroes are en route to Dewford Island, thanks to Mr. Briney and his Wingull-shaped boat. Everyone releases their Pokemon to enjoy the trip, and despite his eagerness to get to the Dewford Gym, Ash has to admit that a rest will do him some good.

Team Rocket is following in a Magikarp submarine, determined to catch Pikachu this time.

Briney steers toward a small island, and May and Max decide to go swimming. After being in the water for a only few moments they find themselves in the middle of a large school of Sharpedo! They both get scratched by the Pokemon's rough skin as Briney's Wingull and Ash's Taillow struggle to help them get back onto the boat.

They're not safe yet, because the Sharpedo start to attack the boat! Pikachu drives them away and Briney heads for shore. Now they're trapped on the island with the Sharpedo patrolling the entrance of the lagoon.

The kids and Mr. Briney discuss the situation over dinner. Brock says that Sharpedo normally don't operate in schools like this. If they can defeat the leader in a Pokemon battle, then the other Sharpedo might listen to them.

Out in the ocean, Team Rocket is exhausted from their efforts to keep up with the Wingull boat. As they approach the island, their sub is surrounded by the Sharpedo. Jessie uses Seviper to fight, but the Sharpedo send them blasting off.

The next day, Ash has Wingull and Taillow pull him around on a makeshift surfboard to distract the Sharpedo school. The others trap the leader inside the lagoon with a wooden gate, and Brock challenges it with Lotad. However it goes down after just one Water Gun attack, and Brock thinks that it might have been poisoned earlier. They have no medicine, so the best thing they can do is keep the Sharpedo comfortable. Brock nurses the Sharpedo through the night and into the following morning, by which time it's feeling better.

The kids' celebration is short-lived because Team Rocket shows up in their submarine. They crash through the gate and catch Pikachu and the Sharpedo leader in nets! Brock is furious when he learns that it was Jessie's Seviper that poisoned the Sharpedo. Lotad sneaks up to the submarine and cuts the nets with its Razor Leaf, freeing the captives. For once Pikachu doesn't have to do anything, since Team Rocket is sent blasting off again by the Sharpedo school.

Brock goes into the water and is nuzzled by several of the Sharpedo. Their skin doesn't scratch now that they trust him. Ash says that learning things like this makes him love Pokemon even more. The Sharpedo allow the boat to leave the island, and soon the kids finally reach Dewford Town.

By: Audrey