Episode #292 - Brave the Wave

Ash leaves the Dewford Town Pokemon Centre early in the morning and races off toward the Gym. May complains that battling this early should be illegal.

When they arrive, a bunch of girls with surfboards comes out, along with a slim blue-haired man. He introduces himself as Brawly, the Gym Leader. When Ash challenges him, he says he's going surfing and to come back tomorrow. Ash is upset but May tells him that even Gym leaders have to have a life and suggests that they go to the beach.

Team Rocket is working in a beach-side cafe when they spot the kids, and they plan to catch Pikachu.

At the beach our heroes find Brawly surfing with a Pokemon called Makuhita. Ash decides to challenge him on the spot and swims out to catch him, only to be washed back to shore by a big wave. Brawly admits that Ash is determined.

Team Rocket is in a boat nearby, and they use an anti-electric net to catch Pikachu! However Brawly sends his Makuhita to rescue Pikachu, who immediately sends Team Rocket blasting off. Brawly is impressed by Pikachu's power and finally accepts Ash's challenge. Ash is super confident but the others tell him to be careful because Makuhita is very tough.

At the Gym the match begins, it's two on two. Round One is Machop versus Taillow. Ash takes a direct approach with his attacks but the Machop keeps rolling with the blows and not taking much damage. When Machop gets an opening it takes Taillow out. Brock warns Ash against using more direct attacks, but Ash won't change his strategy and releases Treecko. He continues his assault until Machop gets tired and goes down.

Brawly's second Pokemon is Makuhita. Things proceed as before, with Ash going all out and Makuhita soaking up the hits. Eventually Brawly goes on the offensive but Treecko and Ash refuse to give up. Suddenly Makuhita evolves into Hariyama! The exhausted Treecko has no chance and gets knocked out. Brawly suggests that Ash go to the Pokemon Centre.

Nurse Joy reports that Treecko will be okay but she doesn't like seeing a Pokemon that's been forced to battle so hard. Max agrees, saying Ash should know when to quit. Ash gets angry that he lost to a Gym Leader who would rather surf than train, and runs outside.

As he walks along the beach he comes across Brawly and Hariyama. They are using surfing techniques as part of their training. Ash apologises to him for believing he was a goof-off, and Brawly advises that one can train and have fun at the same time. Inspired, Ash tells his friends that he wants to stay on Dewford Island to train.

By: Audrey