Episode #293 - Which Wurmple's Which?

It's early morning at the Dewford Pokemon Centre and Ash isn't in his bed. His friends discover him sleeping on a bench outside the treatment room, and he says he wanted to be near his Pokemon. When Nurse Joy releases them, he apologizes to them for being so harsh during the Gym battle.

During breakfast, Max informs them that Steven is on the island doing research in Granite Cave. Brock remembers Steven is the son of President Stone of the Devon Corporation. They all decide to go and check out the cave. On the way they encounter an old man who lends them fishing rods so they can catch some water Pokemon. Jessie and Meowth are hiding in the bushes and say that the bait has been taken.

After fishing for a short time May catches an Octillery. She tries to battle it with her Wurmple but it gets away. Then Ash catches a Corphish but it escapes too. Brock says to keep trying. Team Rocket is in their Magikarp sub. The plan is to grab the fishing lines and pull the kids into the water. When their PokeBalls float to the surface they'll grab them. They hook themselves onto May's line, but their pedals break when they try to pull her in, because everyone on the surface is holding onto her. The sub surfaces and Team Rocket is forced to show themselves. James catches Pikachu in an electric-proof net, but Treecko comes to the rescue. May tells Jessie to back off, and they argue over whose Wurmple is better. They prepare to do battle. James tries to interfere and gets knocked over by Treecko, and the two Wurmple get mixed up. Jessie grabs her Wurmple and Team Rocket takes off, but Pikachu sends them blasting off before they can get far.

The kids are about to move on when May realises that the Wurmple she has is not her own! She proves it by commanding it to return to its PokeBall and it doesn't.

Meanwhile Team Rocket has landed in the forest and they are thinking about what to do next. James gets out a cookie, but the Wurmple eats it and falls asleep. This doesn't seem to be Jessie's Wurmple.

With Taillow's help, a worried May and her friends track down Team Rocket and demand that they give the Wurmple back. May agrees to an exchange, but when she hands over the Wurmple, Jessie grabs both of them and runs away. Team Rocket escapes in their balloon, but Taillow brings it down.

May runs over and picks up her Wurmple. Jessie and James release their Pokemon, but Ash defeats them easily and Pikachu sends them blasting off again. May celebrates by giving her Wurmple a huge bowl of food, which it gobbles up, and then falls asleep. Brock notes that it's her bond with her Pokemon that enabled her to recognise which Wurmple was hers.

By: Audrey